May the Winter Come

"May the Winter Come" is a Main Event.

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To get this event

Upon fulfilling all Requirements, this Event automatically occurs on the first Friday on or after Day 620.

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This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.


This event has no effects.


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Uta and Makoto get ready to announce the contest for the upcoming 3rd round of the Dorm Wars. Sensei, meanwhile, finds himself uncomfortable with the increasingly shorter gaps in time between the class’ major events, a fact which stands out more since this round of the Dorm Wars will take place during their beach trip. He broods over the increasing tension between Ami and her friends, the possibility of another time jump, and the foreboding feeling that this war will only further fuel the chaos in his life.

The girls first decide that, instead of giving a prize for winning last year's Dorm Wars, the winning floor will receive two bonus points to help them win this year's prize: A sleepover at Sensei's house. Ami tries to prevent this, but with no better argument outside of her being bitter about not being consulted, she’s forced to accept it. After Makoto and Uta inform everyone that the date war was axed to prevent unnecessary conflicts, the contests are announced.

  • Touka asks if she can participate in a contest that doesn’t involve Sensei, but her question is negated immediately when its revealed that she will compete against Ami in a contest to take care of Sensei. Ami already sees herself as the victor, while Touka is frustrated, though more by the fact that, so far, she only gets contests that don’t allow her to show her strengths or don’t let her compete in the first place.
  • The next contest is an Attack/Defend-like challenge – For the duration of the war, Yumi and Tsuneyo will compete in a contest to protect Sensei from being hugged by Noriko and Maya respectively. Hearing this, Yumi temporarily shuts down, Tsuneyo proudly accepts, Noriko is uncomfortable due to her rival, and Maya tries to get out, but Ami thinks she can do it since she can easily steal a hug behind their backs.
  • Uta and Chika will compete in a modeling contest, which both girls are into, but receives a snarky comment from Imani.
  • Makoto announces Kirin as her rival, and while Kirin is excited at first, her excitement dies when their contest turns out to be a fishing competition.
  • Io offers to switch places with Kirin, but changes her mind when she has to compete against Miku in a raft building competition. Io notices the imbalance in the assignments, but Miku is still excited despite the obvious disadvantage.
  • Molly’s contest is next, and while she’s confident due to her being undefeated, her confidence disappears when she and Rin have to do a beach-style cook-off. Otoha wonders if Rin’s okay going against Molly, but she doesn’t mind since they’re on decent terms now. She’s more concerned about the contest itself since, like Molly, she can’t cook. Tsuneyo and Futaba offer their friends cooking lessons to support them.
  • Futaba and Nodoka will compete in a scary-story writing competition. Futaba already accepts her defeat, though is happy about Sana offering to lend her horror movies for inspiration, while Nodoka doesn’t pay attention.
  • Since Yasu is the only other second floor girl left and Sana already went up against her, Rin assumes Sana and Otoha are next. Both hope they don’t get anything embarrassing, but their hope is shattered when it’s revealed to be a contest to deliver the best love confession. Otoha feels like she has no chance due to her devotion to Rin, while a furiously blushing Sana struggles to speak.
  • After announcing that the results from the poetry contest will be revealed at the beach as well, Uta states that Ayane and Yasu will compete in a survival competition. Yasu approaches Ayane, who’s completely lost in thoughts, and tells her that she should speak with Sensei about her worries while she still can, because upcoming trials might make this more difficult.

Sensei heads home, unable to even fake excitement as he’s too concerned about what tragedy this year's Dorm Wars will bring.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue if the 2nd Dorm Wars was declared a draw during Redeemer.

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  • Event Default Name = May the Winter Come
  • Event Script Name(s) = predormwars3
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.32.