Too Many Cooks

"Too Many Cooks" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Forbidden Artistry". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Boner on the Bus".

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Imani and Uta take up the mics as the Dorm Wars cooking contest is about to begin. After casting their dubious support to the competitors, they announce the itinerary for the rest of the day and cast their own predictions for tonight's scary story contest. With these preliminary comments out of the way, the commentators bring the focus over to Molly and Rin.

Rin has chosen Sana as her assistant for this contest, much to Sana's confusion, and it becomes quickly clear that neither has any idea how to cook. On the opposite side, Molly ends up angering her assistant, Tsuneyo, when she reveals she didn't study at all despite Tsuneyo's many attempts at helping prepare her and further enrages her when she expects Tsuneyo to cock for her. Sensei watches the chaos unfold, with Kaori sharing the sentiment of how wild today has become. After a brief confusion about her sudden appearance, Kaori explains that, since she has the day off, she decided to take Nao-chan to the beach so she can experience it for the first time.

The whistle is soon blown and the contest formally begins. While everyone else is watching the contest anxiously, Sensei finds himself more distracted by Nodoka, who's pulled aside Ami into what seems to be a serious conversation.

Time passes and it becomes evident neither team has anything resembling direction. Rin tosses a collection of random meats and spices onto the grill, while Molly fails to prepare anything and only stands around with a large, dull katana she found in the fridge. The chaos of this event is spurred by the commentators introducing a surprise ingredient – A large blobfish.

  • Sana is uncomfortable handling the strange creature and initially tosses it on the grill at Rin's request – Upon realizing how gross the bizarre animal is though, Rin demands Sana toss it back into the ocean, which she does after some fighting.
  • Molly slowly begins to accept her inevitable defeat but asks Tsuneyo for help in preparing their mystery ingredient. Neither girl has any clue what the creature is but Tsuneyo demands she begin slicing into it before time is up. She ends up doing so, but the dullness of her blade forces her to use an incredible amount of force to follow through, reducing the fish to a mess of pieces.

With both dishes "finished", Uta takes the commentary over to Sensei for his thoughts. He refuses to touch either side's food at all and his subsequent attempts at getting someone else to do so fail. Just as he's about to call it a loss for both teams, Nao-chan volunteers herself as a judge, much to everyone's surprise and concern. In the end, she chooses Rin as the winner as she could at least swallow her dish, whereas she spat out the chopped-up blobfish Molly “prepared”. Molly protests, pointing out that Rin didn’t use the surprise ingredient, but Uta reveals that the twist was to introduce an ingredient that shouldn’t be used, making Rin’s decision to throw hers away the only good move in the entire contest.

Tsuneyo drags Molly away to force her to undergo cooking training, and workers for Touka's family show up to dismantle the cooking equipment. Before he's able to think, Sensei feels a tug on his sleeve.

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  • Event Default Name = Too Many Cooks
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This Event was added in Update 0.33.