No Strings Attached

"No Strings Attached" is a Main Event.

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  • During Friday
  • You must be on at least Day 535 to unlock this Event.
  • You must have seen or permanently missed the following Events:

To get this event

Upon fulfilling all Requirements, this Event automatically occurs on the first Friday on or after Day 535.

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.


This event has no effects.


This Event takes place in the following locations:


Imani knocks on Sensei’s door and has a proposal for him. He wants her to come in instead of shouting through the door and, after she entered with Wakana, wonders if she is part of her proposal. Imani makes a lighthearted comment about their relationship and Wakana retorts with a sarcastic comment about his interest swapping from students to teachers. He apologizes again while Imani is confused, but Wakana wants her to continue with her proposition.

Due to what they say, Sensei assumes that Imani wants them and Osako to go to a bar and unwind. He asks if this would be a double date, which reminds Wakana of their last double date with Maya. Sensei thanks her for creating more problems by telling Imani, who knows about Noriko’s apology and feelings, which she quite enjoys. Moving on from that, Imani isn’t sure if they should visit Sakaki-bar-a or a new place in the old district and Sensei immediately picks the latter so he can avoid an owner who wants to marry him.

Some time later, the three are sitting in the Dive Bar and have a casual conversation, until Wakana indirectly drops that Sensei pushed her against a wall, though she makes it clear that this was a lapse in his judgement. She doesn't hold it against him, but warns him that this is his second strike, the first one he got for ignoring her during her recovery, and that she will rethink their friendship next time. The girls make fun of his nature and, as a result, he decides not to participate until they stop slandering his name.

To include him again, Imani decides that they should have regular meetings on Fridays and also suggests to play a game so they can learn more about each other, but wants a fourth player to make it interesting. Since it’s unclear when Osako will arrive, Imani decides to invite the woman sitting by herself at the counter. Sensei and Wakana aren’t sure if they should invite a stranger out of the blue, but Imani already approaches her. The woman is confused by Imani suddenly asking for her company and, between not knowing them and her personal problems, isn’t sure if she should join them, but Imani forces her to join them so they can cheer her up.

After an awkward introduction and some emotional outbursts from her, which make Sensei and Wakana wonder if she’s mentally unstable, the woman introduces herself as Rika, apologizes for crying and thinks that she's done for now. Imani explains that they want to play a game and, after her proposal for Yathzee was dismissed, she chooses Truth or Dare. Rika starts by asking Wakana how she would apologizes to her partner after a screw-up. She think that she would be honest with her partner, but stops elaborating when Rika gets close to start crying again.

Wakana picks Sensei, who takes dare to avoid telling them one of his secrets, and dares him to submit a poem for her poetry contest under a pseudonym. He chooses her to figure out why she wants him to submit one, but she, unsurprisingly, picks dare as well. Using this situation while being considerate, he wants her to never say anything mean to him again, but changes it to the rest of the night in exchange for a compliment, which she easily gives him.

For her next turn, Wakana forces Imani to kiss Rika. She hesitates at first but does it once Rika gives her a cue, much to Sensei’s and Wakana’s amusement. While Imani is overwhelmed by her skills, Rika only gives her an above average score, hurting her pride. After the other girls tease Imani for a while, Rika takes the next turn and wants Wakana to make out with Sensei, forgetting that she has a girlfriend. She still thinks they should do it since she feels a lot of tension between them and sees no problem with them kissing for a game. Being more hesitant than appalled, she tries to get out of this as her hesitation seems to slowly fade away.

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Event References

  • Event Default Name = No Strings Attached
  • Event Script Name(s) = imanispecial1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .26p2.