When You Snap

"When You Snap" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Boner on the Bus", the event that started the chain.

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This event is not missable.


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The class arrives at the beach, with Imani taking roll call since a few couldn’t take the bus they did. Sensei, meanwhile, is thankful that Wakana is one of them as it allows him to enjoy "living" for a bit longer. He quickly gets lost in his thoughts, though, as he contemplates the validity of both growing as a person and choosing not to grow at all. It's as these thoughts sink deeper and deeper into his usual pessimism that the heat starts to get to him. He's brought back to reality by the final arrivals and awards himself a point for avoiding thinking.

Makoto and Uta, both acting as their respective floor captains, begin to explain the itinerary for the Dorm Wars – The contests will begin in the evening, leaving the girls some time to relax until then, except the contestants for the hugging contest which will begin once Makoto explained the rules for it. She also takes the opportunity to further elaborate on her contest idea, explaining that Noriko or Maya hugging Sensei will net their respective floor two points. Uta wraps up the speech by announcing two contests for today and a midnight pillow fight in the second floor's room.

The girls all across the beach talk amongst themselves about the announced plans:

  • Hearing the idea of a pillow fight, Io immediately decides to find somewhere else to sleep that night. Miku tries to cheer her up, happily noting that they're unlikely to compete until the following day. Io's surprised to hear Miku's still enthused about the contest, citing her inevitable failure as a reason she shouldn't care. Miku's still somewhat sure of herself somehow winning, and also a bit hurt that Io's looking down on her so much before the contest has even started. Io tries to backpedal, clarifying she simply doesn't understand Miku's mindset. Miku explains that expecting to fail would basically guarantee her loss, so as long as she goes in with a winning mindset, she might do better than she thinks. Io admires this optimism but chooses to remain the way she is.
  • Otoha and Rin discuss their respective contests, both being somewhat confident about their performances. Futaba meanwhile wishes she had the same confidence they did, prompting the two and Nodoka to assure her that she's got more of a chance than she thinks. Futaba's happy to hear all this praise but does wish Nodoka wouldn't be so clingy while doing so. This slowly snowballs into Rin trying to prove Otoha loves her as much as Nodoka loves Futaba, ending with her fleeing the conversation to avoid exposing confidential information again.
  • Molly and Tsuneyo observe Rin and Otoha fleeing from the beach, prompting the former to wonder where they're going. Tsuneyo tells Molly to instead focus on her upcoming competition, especially since she did nothing to prepare for it after the announcements. Molly sees no point in practicing, especially when Rin seems to be as equally prepared as her, prompting Tsuneyo to get angry with her lack of agency and desire to improve. In the end, the two fall into silence after Tsuneyo becomes fed up with Molly's apathy.
  • Chika asks Yumi for her opinion on her appearance, trying to hype herself for her contest. Yumi is awkwardly forced into complimenting her. After giving Chika some unhelpful advice, Yumi sits off to the side, baffled by the ridiculousness of her classmates.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on Sensei's choice during Our Time Atop This Mattress.
    • If Ayane was chosen, Chika fills her in on her plan for Sensei and asks for her cooperation. She agrees but shows a level of aggression and eagerness that scares Chika away, though she promises to give her a call once she’s ready.
    • If anyone else was picked, Chika just wants a second opinion on her appearance for the contest.
  • A new picture message from Niki will be available following this Event.

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  • Event Default Name = When You Snap
  • Event Script Name(s) = beachwars2
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.33.