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Tsuneyo Tojo
Personal Information
Surname Name Tojo Tsuneyo
Birthday (Age) October 6th (n/a)
Type of Character Main
Additional Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Yellow
Height 5′ 10′′ (177cm)
Job(s) Employee at Tojo Ramen
Hobby(s) unknown
  • Noodles
  • Llamas
Dislike(s) Difficult customers
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother
Affiliation Archery Club (Chap. 3)
First Appearance
Notes unknown
If one word could describe Tsuneyo's life, it would be noodles. Having up until now lived a sheltered life and taught by her father, since his illness she has taken up his ramen shop and a great interest in all that she does not know about the outside world.
— Official Lessons in Love website

Tsuneyo Tojo is part of the Main Cast of in Lessons In Love. She was the 12th girl to join Sensei's class, doing so in v0.7.0. She lives in Room 6 with Molly MacCormack


Tsuneyo was born and raised in Kumon-mi. She lived her entire life sheltered inside her father’s noodle shop and rarely, if ever, left the building in any meaningful capacity. Her father still took care of her and made sure to educate her on general topics, the preparation of ramen and the shop’s management. Once he became too ill to work, she took over the business and keeps it running completely by herself, being successful in her endeavors as the restaurant is still making profit and shows no sign of serious problems.

With her father being unable to teach her, he allowed her to attend a public school and she enrolled at Kumon-mi High a couple of weeks before Sensei met her during Tsuneyo Tojo, Stand-up Comedian. She attended Wakana’s class until she was transferred into Sensei’s class to even the number of students in every class a little.


Due to her sheltered upbringing, Tsuneyo has a reserved personality. During most interactions she is monotone in both her expressions and tone, though that doesn’t mean that she’s unable to show emotions. She speaks in a formal manner but her range of topics is limited to her profession most of the time, which is why she often uses food terminologies and metaphors during her dialogues. She tries to be more casual at times, but it usually ends up being either awkward or embarrassing.

She’s also oblivious, as she’s unaware of a lot of things from the outside world, and gullible, as she can be easily swayed with noodles and believes many things she gets told. At the beginning, she has no friends and no interest in anything outside her work, but she seems completely contempt with her situation, having accepted that she will manage her father’s restaurant as her sole purpose in life.

After transferring into Sensei’s class and meeting Molly, she picks up a few of her qualities like giving some of her classmates a nickname and an interest in games and mangas, but most of those qualities she does for Molly’s sake rather than a genuine interest on her par, which is why her personality hasn’t changed much, even though she spent a decent amount of time in Sensei’s class.

Despite her lack of social skills, Tsuneyo still has a good amount of empathy and is able to understand how people feel and acts protective of those that are dear to her, which so far only includes her father and Molly.



Sensei and Tsuneyo share a neutral relationship, having no reason to dislike each other but aren’t particularly close either. She even told him that she hasn’t fallen for him for a multitude of reasons, one being that she is aware how he doesn’t really love anything and uses his ability to understand people to help them based on objective factors rather then an understanding of how they feel and what they need.

She held a grudge against him after what she saw in Gallows Edge, because to her he just took something he can’t return and shouldn’t have taken in the first place by abusing her friend’s trust and defenselessness. She wasn’t openly hostile to him, but decided to tell everyone during her stand-up routine in an attempt to let them know and make him suffer, but it backfired as everyone interpreted it as a bad joke and upset Molly since it only reopened wounds for both of them. After talking with him in The Bending of Italics, she was willing to leave it be on the basis that he was telling her the truth and was willing to have their relationship return to its usual state.


Molly is Tsuneyo’s roommate and only friend. Both are often together as Molly took it upon herself to teach Tsuneyo about the world and introduce her to her hobbies. Over time, she adapts some of her characteristics and even tries to get into video games and mangas, but more out of a desire to make her happy rather then a genuine interest. She cares about her well-being and tries to make her feel better when she was sad and became overprotective of her after what she thought Sensei might’ve done to her.


Little is known about her father, except that he is bedridden and taught her all she knows. She takes his word on everything and is known to question everything that would invalidate her father's teachings.

Noodles, the Bird

After the bird made his home on the vending machine in her floor’s hallway, Tsuneyo took a liking to the bird and decided to name him, feed him and basically adopted him as her son. They seem to have a close relationship as the bird follows her to certain events like the beach trips and Christmas parties and sticks close to her whenever possible.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I have no friends, only noodles."
  • "What is this wretched cycle of pain? The one that destroys just so it can rebuild itself? The one that stretches wider than the ocean and taller than the sky?"


  • With a body height of 5′ 10′′, Tsuneyo is both the largest girl in Sensei's class an in the game, though she’s only 1 cm bigger than the second largest girls, Karin and Maki.
  • Tsuneyo is pretty strong, being able to carry heavy things with ease and to restrain Yumi with next to no effort.
  • Tsuneyo was the national junior Kendo champion three years in a row and keeps bamboo swords in her dorm room. She also has a katana named Gallows Edge, which has a real blade.
  • Tsuneyo is the first girl's in Sensei's class to see him smile in his current incarnation, making him laugh during Tsuneyo Tojo, Stand-up Comedian.
  • For some reason, Tsuneyo shows interest in other girl’s legs and compliments them if she finds them appealing.