Pairs in Different Places

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Autoplays after "Monsters". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Boner on the Bus".

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The second day of the Dorm Wars begins and neither Ayane nor Yasu have returned yet. Sensei and a small handful of the girls are worried, while the rest are either not concerned, absent, or already beginning their contests. In contrast, Touka is worried sick, making several phone calls to assemble a rescue team.

These efforts are unnecessary though as Yasu soon emerges from the woods, still blindfolded. Furious at the girls for letting such a dangerous contest be approved, Touka grabs Yasu and guides her away from the rest of the girls. Watching all this are Maya and Ami, the former increasingly worried about Ayane's absence. Ami reassures her that Ayane's bound to return soon and, as such, turns down the idea of spending their vacation searching. Off to the side is Sensei, being guarded by Tsuneyo and Yumi as he tries to recover from his night with Niki and sulks in his worry for Ayane.

On another table, Chika pulls Otoha into a conversation in an attempt to not look like a loner. This blunt approach surprises Otoha and she tries to assure Chika that she doesn't have anything against her despite her initial reaction to her joining the club. Chika understands that but states she has plenty of issues with her and begins to list off complaint after complaint on how she treats Rin and their relationship. Otoha's caught off-guard by this long list of slights and decides to be totally honest with Chika – She admits she doesn't feel the same way Rin does for her and that she will inevitably continue to fuck up as she's completely new to dating. However, she refuses to break up with Rin and tells Chika she has no right to weigh in on her love life when she's already rejected her. Hearing all this, Chika fails to understand why Otoha even wants to keep dating Rin, which Otoha confirms is mostly gratification but that it may be more someday. The conversation derails when Otoha aggravates Chika by questioning her boyfriend's loyalty.

Meanwhile, Io and Miku are in the middle of their contest, with the latter's fighting spirit from yesterday completely drained after realizing just how difficult raft building is. Instead, she decides to quit altogether and assist Io in her building, though this is equally as successful due to Miku's lack of construction knowledge. Deciding to talk about other things, the two girls begin to talk about boys, with both confessing to the other how they feel about Sensei. Io's shocked to hear how open Miku is and how accepting she is of having so many different "rivals", but puts the conversation to an end once it spirals into uncomfortable territory.

Kirin and Makoto are also in the middle of their competition where Kirin struggles to maintain focus due to extreme boredom. Makoto tries to help Kirin get into the spirit of fishing but fails when Kirin slips into her usual behavior. Instead, the two discuss the reason fishing was chosen as a contest in the first place, with Makoto explaining it was a hobby of her father's and that she thought it'd help her reconnect with him. Hearing this, Kirin gives her condolences for her father's passing, a gesture of kindness that surprises Makoto. The two girls apologize for the ways they've fought over the past few years and Makoto encourages Kirin to continue changing in pleasant ways, hoping she'll have people to fall back on when life gets tough.

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  • Event Default Name = Pairs in Different Places
  • Event Script Name(s) = beachwars11
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.33.