For More Than Just Me

"For More Than Just Me" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Happy Memories". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Eggside Octopus".

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This event is not missable.


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It's raining outside, but Sensei is the only one who notices; Ami, Maya, Ayane, and Sana meanwhile move through each raindrop without noticing at all. Stuck now with persistent sadness, Sensei blames something unseen as he narrates the walk to the karaoke bar. He tells this unseen entity that it is their fault he will lose everything tonight, and while he might deserve it, and while the story may continue without him, he warns that it won't be the same if he's not there for them to watch. The rain pours and pours, and he gets the feeling that it will begin to rain much more often from here on, with other changes sure to follow. Sensei takes the time to assess his situation, engrave the names of the girls around him in his memory, and remind himself of the advice of a girl who's name he can't and won't bother to remember.

The girls all sit in their karaoke booth, discussing amongst themselves what they'll be doing tonight. While Maya idly scrolls through the menu, she questions Ayane on why she planned this afterparty in the first place. Ayane asserts that, on top of being a good change of pace, it's a bonding experience for all the members of the Sensei Love Squad, promptly "swearing-in" Sana to the group once asked.

Throughout these exchanges, Sensei stares wordlessly at Sana, trying to confirm to himself if the incident in the Amamiya Estate's infirmary happened, being convinced it didn't due to a lack of clear evidence and the memory of the unknown girl who was with them. As Sana confirms to the girls that she's fully recovered from her heat stroke scare, he recalls every painful detail and realizes it wasn't just in his head. Having noticed the subtle shift between Sana and Sensei, Ami begins to pry at the two as to what happened tonight between them. She's held back by Ayane's insistence that she's simply imagining things and the two step up to the microphones.

Their song begins to play while Maya groans about the choice, sharing her preferred music tastes with the group before Ami and Ayane begin to sing. Hearing the song, Sensei is overcome with nostalgia and reaches into his pocket to call Niki.

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  • Event Default Name = For More Than Just Me
  • Event Script Name(s) = halloweenfour14
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.35.