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Yasu Yasui
Personal Information
Surname Name Yasui Yasu
Birthday (Age) April 4th (n/a)
Type of Character Main
Additional Information
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Height 5′ 3′′ (159cm)
Job(s) 'Angel in-training'
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
  • Unnamed Parents
  • New Hope Cathedral
  • Manga Club (Chap. 3)
First Appearance
Notes unknown
Yasu is a deeply religious girl and very open about her beliefs. Difficult to communicate with at first, Yasu has an endearing and unique brand of sweetness that hints at a deeper personality obscured behind her work.
— Official Lessons in Love website

Yasu Yasui is part of the Main Cast of in Lessons In Love. Yasu was the twentieth girl to join Sensei's class, doing so in v.0.16.0p2 She lives in Room 9 with Touka Tsukioka.


Not much is known about Yasu's past. According to Makoto, she has no parents, relatives, or previous place of residence. Before joining the class, it's suggested she lived on the streets.

A bit of her past was revealed during a flashback in An Apple Each Day – Born as the daughter of two unnamed parents, she was seemingly born with special abilities, being able to predict the future and hearing the voices of the dead. These abilities damaged both her parents sanity, her father directly as he started hallucinating some time after she was born, and her mother indirectly as she became more and more stressed, tired and aggressive as she was forced to focus on taking care of Yasu and tried in vain to find a cure for her daughter's creepy talents. Unfortunately for her, none of the doctors she went to could help her, because all they did was treat her for schizophrenia, which did nothing but make Yasu miserable due to her always regurgitating her medication.

As a final solution, Yasu was brought to a clinic that offers antipsychotic injections, but these also didn't help in getting rid of her abilities. Even worse, the doctor who did the injections ended up taking advantage of her vulnerability. Considering her recount of the procedure, Yasu wasn't physically harmed by him, but the doctor abused her weakened mental state for his own amusement. While Yasu herself is completely unaware of it, Touka realized it immediately after she told her about it.

An unknown time after she received these injections, she ended up by herself. It's unclear if her parents passed away or if she was abandoned by her mother after she couldn't bear to take care of her anymore, which is a plausible scenario since she already believed her daughter to be a monster.

At some point, she started dedicating her life to the church of New Hope, spreading the word of her God to anyone who she might run into. Her attempts tend to make people uncomfortable, as seen with Sana and Sensei.


Yasu almost exclusively talks in religious metaphor or indirectly, making it extremely difficult for anyone to speak to her. She doesn't initially seem to have many hobbies, aside from her religion, but does eventually take an interest in manga. In addition, she also has a habit of switching emotions on a dime, crying one second and smiling the next. Most people seem to ignore this aspect, but almost everyone is deeply unnerved by it.

Despite this, Yasu shows glimpses of a deeper personality. She repeatedly displays signs of low self-esteem, often comparing herself to 'lowly' creatures or objects, such as bugs. She seems to hold herself below the rest of the cast, viewing herself as someone who doesn't belong anywhere but as a messenger for her religion. She also appears to be very shy, and deeply afraid of coming off as a nuisance, such as when she choose to wait until everyone else left before starting to sing. In spite of her fervent devotion to her religion, she shows a great deal of concern and love for the other girls, wholeheartedly believing that she can guide them to 'salvation'.

After witnessing another sudden shift in her personality and her lack of memory afterwards in Hand of God, Sensei comes to the conclusion that Yasu's mood swings aren't some weird side effect of her strong faith but due to there being two entities inhabiting her body – The confident, preachy and enlightened side, which is most likely an unknown entity, and the meek, emotional and self-deprecating side, which is probably the real Yasu.



Yasu sees Sensei as a key figure to spread the words of her religion, trying her best to guide and teach him so he's prepare for his divine task. Beyond that, she doesn't seem to have any personal feelings towards him, though she occasionally seeks out his assistance whenever she isn't protected by Him during times of upcoming disasters, as seen in The River Styx.

Touka Tsukioka

Being her roommate, Yasu is closest to Touka out of any of the girls. Despite not disclosing anything about her life, Touka's been able to slowly pick up on Yasu's true personality by spending time with her, taking on a role resembling a mother. Touka is often left to keep an eye on Yasu, making sure she doesn't hurt herself or bother the other girls.

Due to how well she's treated by her, Yasu sees Touka as an irreplaceable person and doesn't want to return to a life without her.


Yasu has next to no meaningful interactions with the rest of her class outside of her attempts to guide them on the right path, which often ends with her peers being either dismissive or outright frightened of her. While the reactions of her peers don't seem to face her on a personal level, Touka reveals during The Color White that she actually wants to connect with them, but lacks the social skills and confidence to do so.

The only noteworthy interactions so far are with Sana and Molly. Sana was the first to meet her during The Girl in the Black Dress, but this interaction left a bad impression on her, and while it seemed like their relationship slightly improved given their interaction in The Complete Absence of Everything, it went completely south after More Human Than Human, and Sana wants nothing to do with her. Molly, on the other hand, has a better relationship with her, though most of their interactions are related to their activities in the manga club.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Praise be!"


  • Yasu keeps a collection of stuffed bunnies in the church, most notably 'Penemue', 'Wormwood', and 'Yomiel'. She claims there are many others 'hidden in the background'.
  • It's possible to snap Yasu out of her rants of religious fervour by poking her cheeks or nose. This only seems to work 75% of the time, and is only effective if done by Touka or, as revealed in House Call, Tsubasa.