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Autoplays after "Eighth Eye of the Wolf Spider". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Eggside Octopus".

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Karin and Imani sit alone at the party, and both of them start to feel the exhaustion of tonight's festivities. After a bit of conversation about Kirin's attitude, the recently uncomfortable modeling contest at the Beach Wars, and some quips about the stark differences between the Kanda sisters, Karin gives an update on her father's investigation into a possible connection between his old classmate and Ami's mother. Unfortunately, her update is mostly bad news, as her father was unable to locate any photographs or hard evidence to connect the dots – However, he does remember her name, something he learned since she never responded to her family name.

Just as Karin's about to say it, though, Ami walks up to the two of them. She inserts herself into the conversation, leading the two to awkwardly dance around the actual topic of the conversation they were having. Ami continues to try and pry at it, though, leading to Imani asking her to drop it as it's private information. Ami apologizes for being so suffocating, and the topic shifts onto schoolwork, something Ami's notoriously bad at which Imani quips is probably due to Sensei slacking on properly educating her. Hearing this, Ami accuses her of talking bad about Sensei, pressing the point more and more as Imani tries to back-pedal. Ami warns her not to talk behind people's backs, telling both Imani and Karin that they should "stop".

Meanwhile, Otoha and Kaori are on the lower floor of Kaori's workplace, while Niki watches from a nearby couch, having been made into an impromptu pillow for a sleeping Nao-chan. As the three banter amongst themselves, Kaori repeatedly warns Niki to lower her voice or she risks waking Nao up. After apologizing, Niki falls quiet, seemingly captivated by Nao's peaceful demeanor – Otoha quickly takes notice of this and asks if Niki's feeling an onset of "baby fever". She denies this, reminding Otoha of her recent mention of not wanting kids, while also adding that she'd probably suck at being a parent.

Upon questioning from Kaori, Niki explains that, on top of having very little time to spend on a child, she isn't sure she'd be able to love them – She only has a finite amount of love she can give, and with Sensei already occupying such an important place in her life, she struggles to see being able to adequately love any hypothetical children. This is on top of a bunch of smaller issues, like if the child ends up hating her, or vice versa, or taking after Sensei and spending their days moping or being annoying. The silver lining here is that he'll probably never want kids since he's far too fragile, with Niki countering Otoha's comment about Ami being like a daughter to him by stating that, due to their circumstances, their relationship is complicated and symbiotic.

Kaori and Otoha continue to game as Niki continues to stare at Nao, now content and somewhat pleasured to be her pillow.

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  • Event Default Name = Childspawn
  • Event Script Name(s) = halloweenfour9
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.35.