Characters/Uta Ushibori

Uta Ushibori
Personal Information
Surname Name Ushibori Uta
Birthday (Age) August 1st (n/a)
Type of Character Main
Additional Information
Hair Color Red, Dark Tips
Eye Color Violet
Height 4′ 11′′ (149cm)
Job(s) Maid at Maid Cafe
Hobby(s) Karaoke
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) Her impulsiveness
  • Unnamed Parents
  • Unnamed Brother
  • Unnamed Grandfather †
  • Archery Club (Chap. 3)
First Appearance
Notes unknown
A socially adept country girl from Nara, Uta leverages both her people skills and confidence at the Maid Cafe. With the same upbeat energy she brings to karaoke, her maid persona Uta-chan knows just what to say to lighten both your heart AND your wallet.
— Official Lessons in Love website

Uta Ushibori is part of the Main Cast of in Lessons In Love. Uta was the 13th girl to join Sensei's class, doing so in v.0.12.0p2. She lives in Room 7 with Io Ichimonji.


Uta is the second child of unnamed parents and was, presumably, born and raised in Nara. While growing up, she was a tomboy who spend a lot of time outside and did a lot of things with her older brother.

At some point, due to her impulsiveness and naivety, she shared too much of herself online and, as a result, her posts caused issues she couldn’t predict at the time. This escalated to the point where someone stalked her. Her stalker never did anything to her, but since he was still a possible threat, her brother beat him up so badly that he wasn’t moving afterwards, which is the reason he was sent to jail.

Since her parents were unable to solve the problem, they used the deteriorating health of Uta’s grandfather to send her to Kumon-mi, hoping that she could escape her mistakes there, but fragments of her past always manage to come back to her, letting her know that there is no escape. Despite that, she stayed in Kumon-mi to take care of her grandfather and even remained there after his passing to be with her friend Io. She also got a job at the maid cafe during her time there.

She attended Kumon-mi Academy until it collapsed in Fireworks, Chicken, and the Innate Fear of Death. Like all the other students, she was transferred to Kumon-mi High and, due to his bad reputation, was the only girl who was directly assigned to Sensei’s class during the migration process. During her first visit at Kumon-mi High in A Door that People Move Through, Sensei didn’t realize that it was the same girl he met twice at the maid cafe before until he saw her again.


Uta is an outgoing and cheery girl. She has no problem socializing with every person she meets and is very confident in how she presents herself. She’s also a massive flirt and tease who can easily wrap people, mostly Sensei, around her finger with her cute personality, looks and words while effortlessly deflecting any kind of compliment she receives. All of these qualities make her the second most popular maid at the cafe.

Most of her usual personality traits are part of Uta-chan. She also has another side, which she sees as Uta Ushibori, her original personality she wishes to replace with her perfect one. This mostly stems from her past mistakes which she did out of impulsiveness, a primary trait of her other self that bleeds through from time to time. She also lives in constant fear of her past coming back or being revealed.

While Uta is very confident during her interactions, especially when she adapts her maid persona, she still gets easily flustered if certain topics or events come up. She also loses most of her usual behavior when she’s embarrassed and becomes bashful instead, though this side mostly comes up during certain interactions with Sensei, like in The Reliable and Totally Legitimate Princess Imani and Creatures of Habit.



During their first meeting, Uta saw Sensei as just another customer of the cafe, being nice and flirtatious to make him spend money. Once she was part of her class, she quickly develops a friendly relationship with him, though that doesn’t prevent her from draining his savings during his visits at the cafe or relentlessly teasing him and deflecting his advances. She also likes him enough to invite him in her dorm room while she wears her pajama and even lets him sit on her bed.

Despite deflecting him all the time and claiming that she has no real romantic interest in him, there are signs that she has some romantic feelings for him. She blushes noticeably during multiple events, is legitimately embarrassed during a few of their interactions, was sad when he left with Maki, was confirmed to be Niki’s ex and even when Io hugged him, almost kissed him after her infamous fall, passionately hugged him during her club activity and was devastated if she lost her contest.

Due to her deflection skills and usual flirtatious behavior, no one noticed that she might have feelings for Sensei. He himslef isn’t sure if she actually likes him and tries to hide it or is just acting on hormones. The only one who has an idea how she feels is Touka, though that is only the case if Uta lost in Tip Your Bartender.


Io is Uta’s closest friend. They met in an internet forum and became friends in real life once she moved to Kumon-mi. After her grandfather passed away, Io was one of her reasons to stay. She tries her best to integrate Io into the class, but, due to her personality, those attempts mostly end in failure. She also knows that Io has a crush on Sensei and helps her whenever she has doubts or problems with how their relationship develops.


They’re co-workers at the maid cafe. While Uta manages to annoy her a lot, especially when Sensei is around, they still seem to be good colleagues.


Due to her personality, Uta is on good terms with most of the girls in her class and has interacted with most of them on multiple occasions.

Memorable Quotes



  • Uta’s feminine figure in contrast to her small size is mentioned on multiple occasions, either as part of a conversation or as an easy way to describe her.
  • Uta keeps a ranking of every girl in their class and ranks them based on how Sensei treats them. Ami is her top candidate, much to Sensei's dismay, and placed herself in the bottom ten.
  • Due to her past, Uta’s phone has a parental lock that prevents her from sending or receiving picture messages, yet somehow she still receives messages with pictures she took in the past.