Events are opportunities to either gain affection or experience unique moments with Characters. The latter mentioned are tracked and repeatable depending on the type.


Generic Events (Visiting)

Visiting locations without meeting requirements associated with any new event results in generic visits. They increase the affection towards a girl by 1. These events do not appear in the event tracker.

They have no specific color. They are repeatable through visiting.

A list of Generic Events for the first floor Main Cast members can be found here. A list of Generic Events for the second floor Main Cast members can be found here. A list of Generic Events for the Side Cast can be found here.

Main Events

See: Main Events

Main events are events that further the main story of Lessons in Love and often feature multiple girls. Main events occur automatically once their requirements are met. Requirements for main events usually include being past a certain day, but also frequently include having seen other main and character events.

They have no specific color. They are repeatable in the Scene Replay.

Character Events

Character events occur when visiting a girl, either at their unique location or at the dorm rooms, calling them once you acquired their phone number or once certain requirements are met. Requirements for character events always include either a high enough affection stat, with requirements increasing in multiples of 5, or having seen other character events for the girl. Character events may also require you to have seen certain main events or character events from other girls.

They have no specific color. They are repeatable in the Scene Replay.

Invite-Over Events

Introduced with v0.9.0p2 you can invite girls over to your place. You will be able to invite a girl after you get to know her better and acquire her phone number. To fully unlock the option, you have to repeat it twice per girl: first one is a friendly visit, second one is a Lust Event.

Since v0.13.0p2 you have been able to invite over Chika, Ayane, Makoto, Futaba, Ami, Sara and Haruka.

Their color is skyblue. They are repeatable and give a choice between a friendly visit with different interactions or a lust event.

Lust Events

Lust events are character specific events that require a girl's lust stat to be high enough, with requirements increasing in multiples of 5. Lust events appear under a girl's event tracker in pink text and every witnessed lust event increases the girl's lust by 1. However, some lust trackers only unlock if the opportunity is taken. During the first time for each girl you will get to choose the nickname you want the girl to call you.

Their color is pink. Their first encounter are unique and repeatable in the Scene Replay. Subsequential events can be accessed through visiting the girls at certain places or times.

Event Chains

Event Chains are a series of Events that occur in sequence with one another at various stages of the game. These chains come in two distinct varieties:

  1. Main Event Chains - these are Event Chains that consist only of Main Events which progress the main narrative of the game.
  2. Universal Event Chains - these are Event Chains that contain a majority of Main Events, but also contain Side Events, and occasionally Dorm Events and Lust Events as well.

Event Chains follow a somewhat strict set of guidelines:

  1. Sensei cannot travel to other areas of Kumon-mi during an Event Chain.
  2. Sensei cannot call any of his contacts during an Event Chain.
  3. Sensei cannot pass time or access the PC during an Event Chain.
  4. Sensei cannot choose the type of interactions - Affection or Lust - he has with the girls during an Event Chain.
  5. Some or all Events in the chain will give increases to the Affection or Lust of all girls Sensei interacts with during the Events of the chain.
  6. Affection and Lust values for the girls Sensei has interacted with prior to the start of the Chain are saved and accounted for during some scenes, and certain dialogues and monologues can change depending on how far he has progressed his relationships with any of the girls involved in that particular Chain.
  7. Initial Affection and Lust values will be locked as soon as a Chain starts, and any missable Events included in the Chain will only take this value into account - meaning an Event in the chain which can be missed WILL BE MISSED if Sensei's Affection or Lust values for some of the girls are not high enough prior to the start of the Chain.
  8. Missable Events in the chain also sometimes depend on how far Sensei's relationships have progressed - which means some Events can be missed if Sensei has progressed too far with some girls as opposed to others. Make sure to balance out the time spent with the girls!

Three main types of Events occur in a Chain according to their chronological order in the Chain:

  1. Lock Events are the first Events to occur in a chain. All Requirements for ANY AND ALL Events in the chain MUST be completed BEFORE starting this Event.
  2. Link Events are the Events which occur during the course of a chain. Aside from certain choices Sensei can make, all other progression mechanics are locked during these Events, and they automatically occur in sequence until the end of the chain.
  3. Break Events are the final Events to occur in a chain. Completing the Break Event in a chain will conclude the chain, restoring the progression mechanics upon completion.

Missed Events

Your actions have consequences. Some choices you make will prevent you from seeing certain events, and other events have certain requirements that have to be met by a certain point in the game; failure to make the necessary choice, or to meet the necessary requirements in time, results in missing the event. In the event viewer, events that have been missed will appear with a different name and struck through in red text. There is no way to get an event once you have missed it; a new save is required.

Secret Events

Secret events are unique events which only appear when certain conditions are met and are initiated through unusual means. These events are hidden in the event tracker, appearing as "??????", until they are encountered, at which point their name will be revealed.

They have no specific color. They are repeatable in the Scene Replay.

Deleted Events

During patch v0.24.0, Selebus reworked/removed a MASSIVE chunk of the Chapter 1 Events that occur prior to 0.11.0p2. These Events will either play out differently in the new storyline or not appear at all. Those Events that have been deleted are still accessible for players to view inside Sensei's PC on the weekends.


It's general consensus that it's less about grinding and more about getting a feel where to find new events. As of v0.25.0p1, it is unnecessary to have any girl higher than 50, with 25 to 30 being a good average.

  • Every girl's events for the most part involve being at increments of +5 affection or lust (5, 10, 15, 20, etc...).
  • It makes sense to frequent their usual Locations, including their Dorm Room. A few events trigger by talking to the girl in the hallway.
  • Visits may change depending on whether it is the weekend or not.
  • It's always worth to check calling girls on differing daytimes if available.
  • Some events require other characters to have a certain amount of progression completed as well, so make sure to check the Requirements!

Some additional considerations are required for special types of events:

  • Invite-over events can only occur once Sensei has received the girl's phone number.
  • Secret events are hidden and require other events first.
  • As mentioned in Missed Events, you are unable to complete crossed-out events due to previous choices.

Please note that events can, although rarely, appear in differing order if their triggers allow so. Event A may come before Event B, however A has a requirement not met yet while Event B does. Therefore, Event B would take priority.

List of events