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Autoplays after "I Will Deliver You to the Fireflies". This event is the final event in an event chain started from "Walk Into The Water".

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In her limo, Touka takes Sensei to his gift. Along the way, she apologizes for ruining his moment with Maya, which he appreciates since he doesn’t have a lot of opportunities with her. When she asks if there’s something special about her, he tells her that there is but it’s too complicated to explain during the time they have left for their ride. She uses this moment to blindfold him to keep her present a surprise while also taking the time to tease him some more.

As Sensei closes his eyes, the narrator takes over to show us how this trip ends for everyone else.

  • Noriko rushes to Kirin and updates her on what just happened between her and Sensei. Kirin is happy for her but sad to hear that Sensei bailed on her in the end. Noriko tries to convince her it didn’t bother her, but Kirin, knowing all to well how she must feel right now, insists she hops up on the chair with her and gets her tears out.
  • Rin, still worrying over Otoha ignoring her, hangs out with Futaba and Nodoka, who’re discussing the gifts they gave out this year. Suddenly, Otoha texts Rin, and the entire group is taken aback by the picture she sent. Nodoka tries to peek more, but Rin rushes off to be alone.

Once Sensei is allowed to see again, he finds himself inside a random apartment. Touka reveals that his present is the unit, as she has bought the entire building and wants to improve her skills as a landlady. Sensei tries to get her to take it back, but Touka insists he keeps it as a refuge before deciding to test the bed.

  • Yumi meets up with Chika and tries to get information about the last two months out of her. Chika admits she knows nothing, as Yumi hasn’t been telling her anything so she just assumed it had to do with how Yumi spend a lot of time with Sensei and her suspension being lifted. The two become increasingly worried as Yumi remains confused.
  • Maya walks along the shoreline, holding back tears. She’s quickly found by Ami and Ayane, who’d been looking for Sensei. When Maya tries to hide the fact she’s on the verge of tears, Ami stops her, telling her it’s okay to cry. After a last moment of resistance, Maya gives in.

Touka and Sensei hang out in his new bedroom, Sensei still in shock at the absurdity of the gift. He admits only Noriko’s rivaled her, but remembers he abandoned her instead of spending the night with her. Touka reassures him by saying he can’t make everyone happy all the time, but Sensei complains that making someone happy once would’ve been nice. With that, Touka gets ready to leave, offering Sensei a ride back. He refuses and asks her to stay with him. Knowing that he wants to protect himself from new sensations, she boops his nose and tells him that she won’t let him take shelter from his feelings with her by indulging in his usual habits. She teases by telling him to kiss her next time, and leaves.

  • Yasu, playing with her stuffed animals near a fire pit, is suddenly joined by a stranger.

Now alone, Sensei admits to himself that Touka was right. His thoughts drift to his relationship with Maya and why both of them were acting like they did when nothing happened between the s far. As he comes to a realization, he wonders if his new apartment contains a pen.

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  • Event Default Name = Shelter
  • Event Script Name(s) = beachmas20
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .28.0.