Mother May I

"Mother May I" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Judgement Day". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Boner on the Bus".

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Uta is in charge of commentating once again, this time introducing the audience to the upcoming Mom Competition, where Ami and Touka will compete in who can act the most motherly for Sensei. Karin is standing by as an extra judge, while Nodoka continues to hover around Ami.

After a quick ad break, Sensei arrives at the location, reeling from the confusing ending of the confession contest. He questions Nodoka on her presence tonight which she simply shrugs off, leaving the crew with no choice but to accept it. Uta quickly explains the rules of tonight's competition, including the caveat that any kind of physical contact needs to be approved by Karin and her. Since this rule was primarily created with the intent to corral Ami's usual clingy behavior, the group's surprised when Touka immediately asks for permission to bathe Sensei. After clarifying that she’ll only wash his back and everyone involved will wear swimming clothes, the judges approve the idea, ignoring Ami's protests.

Sensei takes a seat inside one of the room's baths, contemplating how normal this feels in comparison to the strange events he faces. As Touka scrubs his back, she remains in character, asking if anything's been troubling him lately. He wants to know if she’s asking as a maternal figure or as herself, which she says she's unable to discern – While this time it's intentional, she often finds herself being a maternal figure around him, especially since he seems so helpless all the time. Sensei ends up ruining the moment when he starts to tease Touka like he always does, and Ami soon steps in to prevent Touka injuring him.

With Ami now taking the lead, Sensei finds himself getting tucked into bed as Ami assumes a soft-spoken, motherly persona. She tells Sensei to close his eyes and think of his favorite thing in the entire world. When he opens them back up, he witnesses a memory of him and Sekai:

It was late at night and she was helping him study English. Unlike most people, she's often up during the night, which causes Sensei to worry about her health, something he denies when pressed about it. As she reviews his answers, she advises him to take his studies seriously, as he'll need English when the two of them explore the world. He pouts, claiming they won't be going anywhere together because of how weird it'd be. Sekai insists they will, denying Sensei's worries about his brother intervening and claiming she'll even wait if she has to. After promising that she'll never leave him, Sensei returns to his homework.

Snapping back to reality, Sensei declares Ami to be the winner. The girls are confused why he would make a decision when Ami's part has barely started, but he refuses to let it play out or change his decision.

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  • Event Default Name = Mother May I
  • Event Script Name(s) = beachwars15
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.33.