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Molly MacCormack
Personal Information
Surname Name MacCormack Molly
Birthday (Age) March 18th (n/a)
Type of Character Main
Additional Information
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Pale Blue
Height 5′ 1′′ (155cm)
Job(s) Barista at Koi Cafe
  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Cosplay
  • MMOs
  • Manga
  • Her heritage
  • Being sociable
  • Unnamed Father
  • Unnamed Mother †
First Appearance
Notes unknown
Molly's Irish origin and immigration to Japan set her apart, but she doesn't let that (or anything) hold her back. President of the manga club and a hardcore gamer, Molly sees the world through a unique imaginative lens that alternately frustrates and endears.
— Official Lessons in Love website

Molly MacCormack is part of the Main Cast of in Lessons In Love. Molly was the 11th girl to join Sensei's class, doing so in v0.7.0. She lives in Room 6 with Tsuneyo Tojo.


Molly was born and raised in Ireland. There’s not a lot of information available from her past, though what is known is that she lost her mother at a young age and that she was heavily obsessed with Japanese culture and media, which culminated in her moving to Japan in an attempt to become a harem heroine. She initially was in Mrs. Watabe's class, but following the events of The Gem of the Emerald Isle, she transfer into Sensei's class, being the first of many additions.

She's part of the Manga Club, along with Ami Arakawa, Futaba Fukuyama, Maya Makinami, and Rin Rokuhara.


Molly has a very energetic personality, which makes interactions with her hard for other people to get through. She’s heavily obsessed with video games and manga to the point where she uses a lot of terminologies and metaphors from them, and while this can be helpful in certain situations, like her role as a DM during D&D sessions, it makes everyday conversations confusing and hard to follow for some people, including Sensei. Her massive knowledge also makes her act as a trivia machine for Japanese and otaku culture.

Her obsession often hinders her real life interactions. While she’s not completely inept, her perception is skewed by her life style to the point where she compares a lot of things to events in fictional stories, acts impulsive if she’s upset, and lacks the ability to read the room. This is often seen with Rin, especially during her introduction, where she embarrasses her in front of the class, kissed her during the first Christmas event without her consent, and tried to do so again while attempting to keep Rin from confessing her feelings to Otoha.

Molly can still be mature when the situation needs it. This is shown during her interactions with Rin while their friendship is on hold and her interactions with Sensei after the second Halloween party, where she uses next to no game language, does her best to take the feelings of the other into account and tries her best to resolve the situation by finding a compromise. Her experience during this time seems to considerably mellow her out, though she retains her passion.

She also has a perverted side, but unlike Nodoka, remains embarrassed about real life intimacy, often to an extreme degree where even small suggestions like having Sensei teach her to swim can make her blush bright red. Molly seems to have a lot of pride in her heritage, causally referencing Celtic mythology, traditions, or figures, and alluding to them through metaphor.



Molly sees Sensei as the protagonist of her harem story, which resulted in his nickname ‘Herald of the Adolescents’. She usually acts formal towards him, even calling him ‘Sir’ most of the time, though she still uses a lot of gaming terminologies and allegories during their interactions. While she doesn’t show any romantic interest towards him, she still likes him on some level, as she has a friendly relationship with him, confides in him with her troubles, and is comfortable crying into his arms whenever she needs to. She also created a shirt for him that he wears frequently during Chapter 3.

Their relationship becomes extremely strained following Lavender's Green, as Sensei, unable to wrap his head around what happens, choose to avoid her entirely for months. She's deeply hurt by this, especially considering Rin's recent avoidance of her as well, and constantly tries to get his attention until finally cornering him before the second Christmas party. While the two are able to work through their problems, Molly continues to worry he might suddenly abandon her once again.


Tsuneyo is Molly's roommate. Molly took it on her to teach Tsuneyo about the world, but a lot of her explanations and interactions are influenced by her hobbies, which resulted in Tsuneyo copying a lot of her terminology and habits. Over time, they become close friends, with Molly admitting that losing her would make her cry "louder than a mandrake".


Due to their shared interests and being co-workers at Koi Cafe, Molly and Rin are already close friends before the events of the game unfold. Unbeknownst to everyone, Molly has had a huge crush on Rin from the moment they met, leading her to pay special attention to Rin, noticing the cuts on her arm before she sees the situation for herself. Rin, however, does not reciprocate these feelings, a fact Molly struggles to accept.

Their friendship nearly shatters during the second beach trip, where Molly refuses to let Otoha join the group's D&D campaign, and later attempts to force herself on Rin in a misguided attempt to keep her from confessing to Otoha. The two remain awkwardly at distance from each other until Normal-ish, where Rin formally resigns from the Manga Club but promises Molly they're still friends.


From the moment Molly learns about Rin's crush on Otoha, she is openly jealous of her and tries to get Rin on her side instead. During the winter trip at the beach, she went as far as to lash out at Otoha, refusing to allow her playing D&D with her usual squad. This angers Rin, who demands Molly to apologize, but Otoha lets it go easily, as she's neither offended nor scared by Molly's behavior towards her. While still extremely jealous of Otoha, Molly seems to hold no actual hatred or grudge towards her.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Has Molly MacCormack, a cute foreigner all alone in a strange land, finally found the harem she is destined to lead?!"
  • "Was I a good protagonist?"


  • Molly was the winner of the fifth Lessons in Love Gravure Poll, for the month of September 2020.
  • Molly is currently the eleventh youngest member of the cast.
  • In Resurrection Sickness, Sensei learns that her middle name is Moyra.
  • Molly has a habit of giving her friends and classmates long nicknames/titles, often shortening them in conversation. She also appears to have multiple nicknames for certain people, regularly swapping between them:
Person Nickname(s) First Uses in...
Sensei Sir, Master
Supreme Overlord Sensei, Herald of the Adolescents
The Gem of the Emerald Isle
Supreme Overlord
Ami Strawberry Songstress Sober-ish
Ayane Lidearel The Legacy of Thaum Pt. I
Futaba Sword-dancer of the Seven Suns Something Out of a Nukige
Haruka Magistrate of Mammaries NTR & Pregnancy
Imani Dark Successor Soothsayer
Makoto Witch of the West Wind Beautiful Porn Salesman
Molly Emerald Guardian of the Crystal Forest A Proper Introduction
Nodoka Goddess of Impurity Book Burning
Noriko Paralytic Pink Psion of the Old Realm Pre-Game Show!
Otoha Succubus Getting Comfortable
Rin Nithhala The Legacy of Thaum Pt. I
Touka Artificer of Affluence Shadowmeld
Tsuneyo Kendo Princess of the Golden Desert A Proper Introduction
Uta Violet Maid of the Ancient West Pre-Game Show!
Yasu Angel of Death
Priestess of the Night and devout worshipper of the Great Old One
Mana Transfer
Pre-Game Show!