Conflict of Interest

"Conflict of Interest" is an Event for Haruka Hamasaki.

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The group heads home with the realization that Haruka's trip was unsuccessful in "fixing" Maki. Before they all separate though, the three stop at Koi Cafe, where Haruka apologizes for her unsuccessful attempts at helping Maki relax. Maki, with a bit of sass, assures Haruka it's fine and that she's realized what she needs to do to fix her slump. After ambiguously informing her that she'll need Makoto to fix herself, Maki takes her leave, leaving Haruka mid-confusion. Sensei steps in to clear up the confusion, though first asks Haruka to get Rin to leave, who's been silently listening the whole time. While Rin puts up a bit of a fight, she relents and steps away, leaving Haruka and Sensei alone.

He first guarantees her secrecy before filling Haruka in on the reason behind Maki's slump. She at first sees this as reasonable, but she quickly connects the dots and realizes Sensei is at fault for the entire situation. After she extorts him for his wallet to pay herself back for all the money she spent, he fills her in on the details about his relationship with Makoto. She complains to him about making her life more difficult, but he asks her to just be there for Maki when she needs her and not think about Makoto any more than she already does, which offends her.

As the conversation comes to a close, a customer enters the cafe and Sensei decides to make space for them, only to see it’s Nodoka, having come to get her morning coffee. Nodoka immediately teases Sensei, who’s not in the mood to deal with her, flirts with Haruka, who ignores it but isn’t surprised to hear Nodoka being interested in Sensei, and, after Rin returns, informs her about Otoha having another creative phase before making her leave again by embarrassing her. Nodoka takes a seat at a table while waiting for her coffee, and Sensei notices Haruka’s expression and asks if there’s a reason for it, but she brushes it off.

Having nothing else to do, he joins Nodoka at her table, having an in-depth conversation about brewing coffee that feels very familiar to him. Before he leaves, he takes one last look at Haruka, realizing that despite all the trouble his life brings for himself and everyone, it's a life Haruka envies.

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  • Event Default Name = Conflict of Interest
  • Event Script Name(s) = makihornytrip4
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.32.