Life is Changing

"Life is Changing" is a Main Event. This Event concludes an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Normal-ish". This event is the final event in an event chain started from "Wither".

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This event is not missable.


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Molly joins Sensei and complains about how difficult her life has become. He assures her she’ll overcome this phase and how he’ll try not to abandon her again. She is thankful for his support and happy seeing him wearing her shirt. Molly informs him that Rin left the club, but he isn’t surprised by this since he heard Otoha talk about joining a music club and assumed Rin would follow her. He fails to see how this involves him, until Molly reminds him of his role as club advisor, which he was unaware of until now, and that their club gets disbanded if they don’t find a fifth member.

Back in class, Imani gives everyone a last-minute warning on club sign-ups before the bell dismisses everyone for their clubs. Once everyone’s gone, Imani asks Sensei if he knows how to be an advisor since she will be advising the swimming club, but he never did anything for his club and recommends her to ask Wakana when they have their get-together. She decides to leave to make sure she’s there in time and to pick up a custom-made swimsuit for a well-endowed student. He offers to check on her later to make sure she’s okay, but she assures him she’ll be fine since she has no interest in swimming, making him wonder why she chose to advise a swimming club.

From here, the event follows the students through their first club day after the restructuring:

  • At the Manga Club, Molly, Ami and Futaba are worried about their looming disbandment, while Maya doesn’t mind and suggests they do their activities at the dorm. While Ami hopes their friends will join the club, that hope fades as the day goes on. Before their time is up, Yasu comes in and wants to join their club, which is immediately accepted by Molly, overruling Maya’s rejection.
  • At the Light Music Club, Noriko, Otoha and Rin are surprised to see Sana applying for their club. She confesses that she has no experience in playing an instrument but wants to learn how to play the drums. They accept her since they still need a drummer and have enough time to teach her. Suddenly, Chika enters the room and wants to join them as well, because no other club interested her and she wants to use the opportunity to hear Rin play her guitar. She has no musical talents, though, so she offers to be their manager. Otoha isn’t sure if she should join them, but Rin accepts her since they’re still missing one member and they can focus on their performance this way. Otoha fears that Rin accepted Chika for a different reason, but hopes that she’s just overthinking it.
  • At the Archery Club, Wakana informs the members about the basic rules. Io doesn’t participate in their introduction and Uta is unable to convince her to behave for the duration of day, while Kirin manages to piss her of when she mentions that she kissed Sensei. Meanwhile, Touka tries to have a conversation with Tsuneyo about kyudo, but it ends up being awkward.
  • At the Swimming Club, Imani introduces Karin, who’s the girl the custom-made swimsuit was made for, as their captain. Miku is still miffed but is fine with the swimming club since Karin and Makoto are with her. While Nodoka checks out Karin’s body, Ayane assumes that Imani wants to take photos of them for Sensei, which makes Karin nervous and is denied by Imani. Yumi appears and wants to join the club, much to Makoto’s surprise and Nodoka’s dismay. Imani scolds her for being late and not wearing a swimsuit, but she tells her she’ll try to be punctual from now on and she couldn’t find hers, so Imani helps her find one.

Meanwhile, Sensei exits the school building and is perfectly fine with not being the center of his student’s affection for once.

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  • With this event, summer returns to Kumon-mi, bringing with it costume changes and a new set of generic events.
  • Sana joining the Light Music Club is consistent with her statement from Life is a Tomato, where she confessed how she would like to play the drums if the opportunity came up.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = Life is Changing
  • Event Script Name(s) = chapthree8
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .25p1.