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Lessons in Love is set in Kumon-Mi, a fictional city located outside of Tokyo in modern Japan. Little else is known about it. Most men and numerous women have been conscripted into a Space War. Only a few notable exceptions have been mentioned, including Ayane's Father, the Butler of the Amamiya family and Sensei. A barrier was erected around the city which limits travel within city boundaries. Residents can not leave the city, nor can anyone from the outside enter.

Visitable locations

Chapter 1

School Dorms

Kumon-Mi High has two dorms, one of them is inhabited by Sensei's class and the other is inhabited by the students of the other classes. So far, no in-universe reason was given why Sensei's students live separated from the others. While none of the girls have to life in the dorms, which Kirin didn't before she entered his class, the girls in Sensei's class do spend most of their nights there.

The dorm has an unknown number of floors, but at the beginning only the first one is inhabited by the original ten girls. The second floor opens up when Molly and Tsuneyo transfer into Sensei's class in the middle of the first summer, while the rest of the rooms fill up after the fall of Kumon-Mi Academy. Every floor has five rooms and every room houses two students.

Sensei can visit the dorms once he can freely roam around the city, though he can't enter a room unless he reached a certain affection level with the corresponding girl and was invited in during their first dorm room event. Until then, he can spend time with the girls in the hall once a week when they're standing outside. After he's allowed to enter a room, he can visit the corresponding girl any night he wants, except on the night where they're standing in the hall. There are times where some girls are unavailable due to specific circumstances, like when Rin goes through her depressive phase and won't answer the door.

Koi Cafe

The Koi Cafe is owned by Haruka Hamasaki. There is no real information about how successful the business is, but considering that there are no stories about failure and the place seeing its fair share of customers, it can be assumed that it's doing well.

Both Rin and Molly are working part-time as baristas, though they have completely different work schedules. The cafe becomes a place Sensei frequently visits to get his regular dose of caffeine, though most of his experiences are drinking one of Rin's weird concoctions.

The cafe can be visited as soon as Sensei can roam around the city, but only Rin can be visited from the beginning, while Haruka is available after Drunk Again and Molly is available after Supreme Overlord. Rin and Haruka can only be visited on weekend mornings, while Molly can be visited every night.


The library of Kumon-Mi High. Futaba does voluntary work there and can be found either sorting books or reading. It also becomes Nodoka's hangout spot after she transfers into Sensei's class. She usually reads books, works on her novels or observes her best friend in her natural environment.

The library can be visited once Sensei can freely roam around the city. Futaba works there in the morning from the very beginning, while Nodoka can be found there during the afternoon after Sensei visited Otoha's and her dorm room for the first time in The Man Who Would Be King.

Soccer Field

The soccer field of Kumon-Mi Highschool which is used by the soccer club for their morning practice. The club doesn't need to train for anything, because there are no competitions or matches happening with the city being under lockdown, but the club practice every weekend pretty much for fun or personal improvements. During summer the club practices outside on the field and in winter they meet inside the school gym.

Sensei becomes it's new coach, though he only has the role so the team doesn't get disbanded after the last coach took maternity leave. The club is managed by Miku and Karin, who have the roles of captain and vice-captain respectively. Sensei neither does anything as a coach nor does he know or cares about most of the club members and rather uses his position to spend time with Miku, Karin and Kirin without repercussions.

Sensei can visit the soccer field once he can freely roam around the city. At the beginning, only Miku is available with the Kanda sisters being accessible once Sensei takes over as coach in the event Coach. Sensei doesn't visit it anymore with the disbandment of the soccer club during the club restructuring at the beginning of chapter 3.

Ami's Bedroom

Ami's room in Sensei's house. She spends most nights in here with the exception of Friday and Saturday where she sleeps at the dorms to keep Maya company. It also serves as a changing room for her and her friends before the beach vacations and the first Halloween party and also houses Ami's friends during sleepovers. Sensei can visit his niece on weekend mornings. It is only accessible in Chapter 1 as Ami gets a part time as a maid at the end of the chapter and her workplace replaces her bedroom.

City Streets

Sensei occasionally decides to wander the streets of the city with no particular goal in mind. While roaming the streets, he mostly runs into Yumi and either gets on her nerves or helps her find a job. Sensei can do this from the very beginning.

Shopping Mall

A large shopping complex within the city, home to numerous businesses, including Les Vêtements, a high class clothing store which Chika works part-time at. Chika can be visited there on weekend afternoons.


A traditional Japanese shrine used to warship an unknown deity. Maya works there as a shrine maiden and usually sweeps the place or meditates in one of it's many buildings. She mentions that there are other shrines in the city, although Sensei has never seen any. She also mentioned how she wanted to leave this place behind, but never went trough with it since it's the last bit of stability in her life.

Sensei visits the place on his first weekend afternoon and can do so on any other weekend as well.


A karate dojo owned by Osako, who also works there as it's instructor. Ayane started practicing there on a whim and had only been going there for a few days when Sensei first visited. Much to Osako's annoyance, Ayane uses her time there to mess around with Sensei. This includes playing some kind of war game with him, bringing fire weapons or other out of place objects to support their plays, like a massive fan, or just loafing around. Despite that, Osako mentions that Ayane is actually pretty good when she decides to participate.

The dojo is open for everyone who's interested in the sport, but was nearly bought up by the Tsukioka family so Touka could have her own dojo with Osako as her personal trainer. Touka abandoned these plans a while after joining Sensei's class.

Sensei can visit the dojo as soon as he can freely roam the city. At the beginning, he can only visit Ayane during the afternoon. Osako can be visited on afternoons as well after the event Pressure Point.


A bar owned by Sara Sakakibara named 'Sakaki-bar-a', though the name is never mentioned before Melatonin or Opposite Directions. While the place was a popular establishment in the past, it now is failing, mostly due to a lack of male customers and being unable to appeal to female customers. As a result, the only staff left is Sara with her daughter Sana, who works there as a part-time barkeeper, has a very small selection of basic drinks like beer and wine and a small number of regulars, including Sensei.

Located directly above the bar is a small apartment unit, where Sara, and previously Sana, live. Featuring Sara and Sana's old bedroom, it also has a combination living room/kitchen. It was originally sparsely decorated until undergoing a refurbishment sometime prior to Tell Me When.

After Sara manages to hire a new employee with Yuki, her bar surprisingly sees a small increase in business. While that increase isn't anything to write home about, it still earns Sara enough money to buy more ingredients and even improve her apartment decor, with her biggest success so far being a small Christmas party.

Sensei can visit the bar as soon as he can roam around the city, but he can only spend his time with Sana at that point. Sara is available after he invited her out in A Woman's Heart, while Yuki can be visited after Life is Changing.

Porn Shop

A Porn Shop owned by the Miyamura family. The store offers different kinds of videos and toys, covering basic needs as well as specific niches. Maki manages the store and its inventory while her daughter Makoto helps her as a part-time employee. Outside of Miku and Sensei, no one knows that she works there and she manages to hide her identity by taking her glasses of, which is surprisingly effective as seen during Sensei's first visit and in Unsung Heroes. While some would assume that the shop would have a hard time earning money with no men around, it actually sees a good amount of profit since most of the goods are purchased by women to begin with, while men mostly just used the back room to watch videos in private.

The place doubles as the Miyamura family home, being where Maki, and previously Makoto, live. Sensei only sees the home portion of the shop following Rolling Stop, when Maki invites him upstairs to speak to Makoto in private.

The shop can be visited as soon as Sensei can roam around the city, though he can only visit Makoto at the beginning. Maki can be visited after going out with her in Beautiful Porn Salesman.

Tojo Ramen

Tojo Ramen is a ramen shop in the old district and is owned by Tsuneyo's father. Due to his poor health that leaves him bedridden, Tsuneyo manages the restaurant by herself, which includes preparing and selling the meals, yet she has no intention to hire someone.

Despite being located in the old district, the restaurant is doing very well financially and sees a good amount of customers on a regular basis. One of the reasons may be that it has good quality food for an affordable price. It also was a meeting place for the yakuza, though Tsuneyo is still convinced that they are only involved in real estate.

It becomes available as a travel location as soon as Tsuneyo joins the class and moved into the dorms in Lifting the Curse. Sensei can visit her every night.

Chapter 2

Maid Cafe

A cafe that Sensei learns about after accompanying Maya in FLAVOR BEAM! The cafe serves sizable portions for a comparatively low prize while having it's staff dress up and act like maids to tempt their customers to buy more items on the menu and spend more money, which are the main reasons why the place is both massively popular and successful. Sensei completely falls for this as well as he becomes a regular once Uta joins his class and always leaves with an empty wallet.

Originally, Uta was the only one Sensei knows who worked there, but Ami, who uses the job to make money for personal things and to spend more time with Sensei, applies there in Divergence and Osako, who needed a secure job alternative with her role as an instructor for Touka not being sure at the time, was hired a little before Love Me to Pieces.

The cafe is accessible once Ami starts working there at the beginning of chapter 2, where Sensei can visit her during weekend mornings. Once Uta moves into the dorm after Caterpillar, he can visit her as well every day at night. While Osako works there, too, he can't visit her there.


A public bathhouse somewhere between the school and the maid cafe. It's owned by Io's aunt and Io used to live there before moving to the dorms. She still works there and either stays at the counter to serve guests or cleans the baths. It is also visited by Yuki every so often.

The bath has separate baths for men and women, with the former being used mostly by Yuki or the highest bidder as it's rarely used with most men being drafted and, therefore, can be used as a private bath for a fee.

Sensei visited the bath before in Erotic Game Protagonist and Cold Air of an Encroaching Winter, but can visit it on his own on weekend afternoons once Io becomes his student in Caterpillar.


A simple park located in Kumon-mi. It's most notable feature is a fountain and it's big enough for Karin to do her running practice, but beyond that there's nothing special or particularly memorable about it.

Sensei only visited the place on a few occasions, mostly when he spent time with Karin, but after Otoha joins his class and makes it her preferred hangout spot to play music and make a bit of money through donations from passer-by, he can keep her company there. She comes there every weekend morning after Sensei visits her in her dorm room in Conversations Outside of a Girls’ Dorm.

Convenience Store

A convenience store in the old district. Noriko works there during the night, but does it half-heartily as she doesn't need the money she earns from it and, since she works so late, only one or two customers on occasion. So she mostly just kills time while watching the store and neglecting her duties. Sensei can come here every night after he met Niki in What Was.


Some streets near the school. Sometimes Sensei takes a walk on weekend morning and meets Touka on his way. He can do so once Yasu moves in with her after Horses or the Whispers of the Dead.

New Hope Cathedral

An abandoned church somewhere in the outskirts of Kumon-mi and technically the house of Yasu's religion. According to Yasu, its doors are only open to those whom her God deems worthy of entering. Yasu spends her time there either praising her God or doing weird rituals in His name. Sensei can visit the church every night after Horses or the Whispers of the Dead.

Chapter 3

Archery Range

An archery range used by the archery club after the club migration. Contains targets for the club to practice with, a storage room for their equipment and even a room used by the tea ceremony club. Sensei can visit most of the club members on weekends, with Uta, Touka and Kirin being there in the morning, while Tsuneyo practices there on afternoons.


A pool located inside the school that's used during P.E. lessons and by the swimming club after the great club migration. The perimeter of the pool is cleaned by the students while the pool itself is professionally cleaned. Also contains the girl's locker room and a shower room. Sensei can join on weekend mornings, but only Miku is available at the beginning, while he visits it indirectly whenever he calls Karin on afternoons.

Dive Bar

A newly opened bar located on the outskirts of the old district. Unlike Sara's bar, it seems to be a highly visited spot. During Fridays, Wakana, Imani, and Rika come to the place to drink, with Sensei being given the option as well. It was first seen in The Road to Recovery as the bar Yuki takes Yumi to and becomes accessible on Fridays after No Strings Attached.

Event-specific Locations


Kumon-Mi High

The school that Sensei and all of the students attend every weekday. It can only be visited manually during Rewrite, but otherwise Sensei will spend the morning and afternoon of every weekday there.


The classroom is located within Kumon-Mi High and is portrayed during a majority of the main events. Sensei spends most of his “lessons” either asleep or observing his students as they do many different things to pass the time like reading, sleeping, gossiping, planning, playing or, in Makoto's case, studying. Due to this lax teaching methods, he got Imani as a student teacher, who occasionally does actual lessons, but doesn't do much to get the class back on track and mostly lets them spend their days as they always do.

Sensei's Office

An office assigned to Sensei. He also uses it for counseling sessions and detentions, though the former is usually used by Futaba while the latter was mostly the case for Yumi before the events of the game. Sensei spends at least two hours on every school day there to do paperwork, being available for counseling sessions or holds meetings with students, parents or other teachers. As a result, it is another major location for main events.


The school's cafeteria. The students spend their lunch breaks there to eat, while Sensei only seems to visit it on a few occasions. The most notable events that happen here are The Sakakibara Diet and In Search of Summer.

School Rooftop

The roof of Kumon-Mi High. The place is off-limits to students and locked off most of the time, but Makoto, Yumi and Tsuneyo managed to get up there regardless. Makoto has a key as class representative, so she went there once to think about her life and to have a conversation with Sensei. Yumi also has a key, although hers was stolen from someone, and used it so Sensei could teach her for an upcoming standardized test. It's unclear why Tsuneyo managed to get up there when Sensei met her for the first time in school.

It also serves as the place where Maya and Sensei meet up to reset the world when a cycle comes to its end. It's unknown who causes the resets, but Maya confirms that the rooftop itself has no special significance.

Manga Club Room

A room the Manga Club uses for their club activities. Contains a large collection of manga that the members gathered there and a few costumes for cosplay sessions. Sensei only visited the room on a few occasions, like Girls in Spandex, Sore Thumb and, optionally, Walking on Air.

Wakana's Office

An office assigned to Wakana, first seen in To the River. Aside from her desk, furnished with a desktop, it has a small couch and a bookcase. It is notably smaller than Sensei's office, something that seems to annoy her. Nevertheless, Wakana spends a great deal of time in her office, grading her students assignments and exams even during the weekends.

Light Music Club Room

A room that the Light Music Club uses for their club activities. It contains a large number of instruments, including a drum set, a grand piano, and several woodwind instruments. In addition, it has several cabinets, stands, and its own speaker system. The location is first seen during Life is Changing, however Sensei has yet to visit it personally.

Tea Ceremony Club Room

A room used by the Tea Ceremony Club for their club activities. It's located right next to the school's archery range and features a traditional Japanese interior. It appears to be sparse in furniture, only having a low-sitting table and a few mats for club members to sit on. It's also notably darker than most other rooms in Kumon-Mi High, seemingly lighted by a sole lamp. It's first seen in Impulse when Sensei is dragged into by Uta.


Karaoke Bar

A place to sing karaoke that is visited by Ami, Ayane, Maya and Uta on multiple occasions. Sensei accompanies them a few times, though he has no interest in participating and either watches the girls singing their favorite songs or uses it to talk with Maya in private about situations regarding the time loop. It was featured in the events So Many Voices, Tradition, Veins and the Circulatory System and Creatures of Habit.

Newly Opened Bookstore

A newly opened bookstore somewhere in Kumon-Mi. Futaba originally wanted to visit it hoping to find some new books to add to her collection and wanted Sensei to accompany her. He went there with her during the event Two Hours and the two will go back there if you call up Futaba during the afternoon. They also briefly revisit the place during Hiding in Plain Sight.

Couch Potato

An arcade somewhere in the entertainment district. It has different kinds of arcade machines to be enjoyed by everyone and also has a bar with alcoholic beverages for older customers. He visits the arcade on a few occasions, first during his date with Rin and revisited it on a few other occasions like outing with the Tsukioka family and during the second Dorm War.

Entertainment District

A large, metropolitan portion of Kumon-mi, decorated with bright neon signs, skyscrapers, and various entertainment or hobbyist businesses, such as arcades, including Couch Potato, manga stores, and various dine-in restaurants. It was occasionally referenced and mentioned without a name throughout Chapter 1, before being seen and labeled during Red-ish Light District by Sensei.

Music Studio

Various studios and concert stages across Kumon-mi. Sensei first explores these with Noriko during What Was. A different, backstage dressing room that Niki uses is shown in To the Future With a Smile.


A small gym that first opened up near the dorms sometime before Skin (Start Somewhere) when Sensei is invited alongside Nodoka, Rin, and Futaba, the latter being frequent visitors — Rika is later seen joining in during Impregnation Spree. Yuki is also shown to frequent the location too, having gotten a free trial of gym membership. It features a couple sets of treadmills, various standing punching bags, and a shower room, although it is never seen on-screen.

Live House

An underground venue for bands and art displays located somewhere in the urban district of Kumon-mi. Noriko brings Sensei here as part of her date in She Is.

Amusement Park

A newly opened amusement park located somewhere in Kumon-Mi. Tsuneyo visits with Sensei during Stripped Away and Sudden Light, and Io asks to visit it numerous times throughout the game. It contains several stalls, an assortment of rides, and features a tall Ferris wheel as its central icon.


A playground located within the heart of Kumon-Mi. First seen in What it Takes to Move Forward, it's the place where Sensei and Niki met for the first time. It's small in scale, having only a few pieces of equipment inside of a large sandbox, and is located next to a public bathroom. Due to it's location, you can't see the border that surrounds Kumon-mi, even from a nearby hill.


An arcade located somewhere in Kumon-mi, filled with various game cabinets and coin-op machines. It seems to be a regular hangout for the various girls who attend Kumon-Mi High, suggesting it's located nearby. Sensei first visits with Kirin during Never Enough.

Book Store

A large bookstore that was the location for Nodoka's book signing during Amoeba (Incontrovertible Peculiarity). Ontop of having enough room to house the entirety of Nodoka's fanbase, it's shown to have multiple levels full of bookshelves for patrons to browse and buy.


A beach that is located on the border of Kumon-Mi and can be reached by taking the bus. Near the beach is an inn that is used by Sensei and his students during their stays there. It's unknown if it's possible to leave the city by sea. Sensei visits the beach with Chika, Chinami and Yumi in Scientific Research, with Makoto and Miku during the Makoto's Winter Beach Visit event chain starting with Condoms in the Sand and with the entire class during the Beach vacation event chains. In Cold Water, it's revealed to have a tuck-away, man-made onsen for the hotel's guests. No One Can Hear Us adds that there's also various saunas scattered throughout the resort.


New Diner

An American style diner that recently opened and is located roughly two miles away from Sensei's house. One of Kaori's many workplaces. Sensei went there in The Queen of Spiders and How to Date a Human and occasionally visits Kaori when he calls her in the morning.

Parfait Cafe

A recently opened cafe located nearby to Kumon-Mi High. Being recently opened, the store lacks many decorations and properly built walls to separate dining space from kitchen space. As shown in Couple's Discount (Sea of Diamonds) and later A Brutal, Violent Creaming, the shop offers a permanet 10-percent discount to couples. It later becomes an additional workplace for Kaori.


A prestigious restaurant located somewhere in Kumon-Mi. One of Kaori's many workplaces. Due to its high status, Sensei only visited it whenever he was invited by one of the Nakayama sisters.

Route 69 Diner

A diner that only serves a giant portion of spaghetti and sausages known as sausage party. The name of the diner can be seen on the menu in Thousands, If Not Millions. One of Kaori's many workplaces. He occasionally meets Niki here and it was the place of choice for the D&D competition in The Legacy of Thaum Pt. Z: Alentha Amastacia.

Tsukioka Hotel

A hotel that's part of the Tsukioka hospitality branch. Sensei and his students booked a room for their Christmas parties there and stayed there for two days during the Dorm War. Locations that were shown are the lobby, room 24 and 25, which were used by the girls separated by floor and one of those was most likely used during the Christmas party, room 44, which was Sensei's room, the outside area with a bench and the rooftop.

Love Hotel

A love hotel located between the urban and old district. The rooms people can rent are equipped with a heart-shaped bed and, separated by a transparent wall, a bath with a shower and a bathtub. Sensei rarely visits this location, only going there when he was invited by Kirin in All That is Contaminated and Hotel Noriko, and used it to avoid the rain with Uta in After the Rain.

Viale dei Giapponesi

Located in the Urban District and owned by the Tsukioka family, it is one of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants in Kumon-mi. On top of featuring a bar and the expected fine dining, it also has a lounge area for clientele to relax and dance to a live band. It was first seen in First Last Date as part of Touka's contest and isn't seen again until Kirin and Sensei had their date there during Salmon Onigiri.

Tsukioka Onsen

A hot springs hotel located in the outskirts of Kumon-mi. It is owned and operated the Tsukioka family, being one of their many hospitality ventures. It's first seen during Little Miracles as part of a trip Chika and Sensei take. It features very traditional architecture and rooms, lacking ameneties such as television. Tsukasa jokingly refers to the place as "Casa Del Tsukasa", though its true name is unknown.

Tropical Resort

A nice resort located somewhere within Kumon-mi. It was the destination Maki, Sensei, and Haruka stayed at during the chain event starting from Stress Level Midnight. It features a variety of amenities, such as massage parlors, a buffot, and a large number of different pools.


Sensei's House

Sensei's residence. It consists of a living room connected to a small kitchen with a dining table in front of it, a bathroom, Ami's bedroom, Sensei's bedroom and an attic. Sensei spends little time in his house and, outside of main events, only comes back when he goes to sleep at night, wakes up in the morning and occasionally invites one of his contacts in the evening.

Chosokabe Flat

The home of Chika and Chinami Chosokabe. The flat consists of a small kitchen, a bathroom, one room serving as a living room and bedroom, and a terrace. It is located in the old district and Sensei visits or is invited over to hang out with Chika or to take care of Chinami, with Yumi also being a frequent visitor to take care of Chinami. While Sensei mostly visits it during Chika's and Chinami's events, he can also visit the sisters by calling them after receiving their phone numbers in True Power: Unleashed. He can call both sisters on weekend mornings but can call Chika every night and Chinami on weekend afternoons as well.

Kanda apartment

The apartment inhabited by the Kanda family. Karin, Kirin and their parents live here together until Kirin decides to leave to live with Noriko in the dorms. Sensei only was in the living room, though it is likely that it has two bedrooms, one used by the Kanda sisters and the other by their parents, though Kirin slept in the living room most of the time. Sensei was invited there by Kirin in most of her events in Chapter 1 and can be invited in by Karin if the requirements for Dying Alone With Ten Cats were met. It is also seen in the beginning of Wrong Places/Wrong Times.

Haruka's house

Haruka's residence. Sensei visited it first in Milk, Eggs, and Water and returns there when he calls Haruka at night or in some of Haruka's events. Almost every event so far takes place in her living room, but you can see her bedroom in some events like Bad Kitty or A Night to Remember.

Apartment Building

An apartment building somewhere in Kumon-Mi. Kaori, Wakana and Osako live in two of the apartments, Kaori living in apartment #23 and Wakana and Osako living together in apartment #24. Sensei was invited over by Kaori in Clouds and was surprised to see that Wakana and Osako are her neighbors when he was called over in Soup, or Another Year With You.

Low-Income Housing Complex

An apartment complex located on the outskirts of the Old District, made to be cheap for the lower class of Kumon-mi. The rooms are small and lack any essentials such as a bathroom or kitchen area, with Sensei noting that his bedroom is probably bigger than all the rooms. Imani and Yuki both live in two of the rooms, being next-door neighbors. Sensei first visits Imani's unit during Somewhere I Belong, and later visits Yuki's during Funeral Plans.

Tsukioka Apartment Complex

An apartment complex owned by Touka Tsukioka, located close to the border of Kumon-mi. The building was initially bought so that Touka could gift one of the unit to Sensei for Christmas in Shelter, which later became the site of a slumber party in December 28, 2020 (Clay & Clockwork). The Chosokabe sisters, Chika and Chinami, were show to have moved into another unit in the complex sometime prior to Original Sin.

Nakayama Family Home

A home owned by the Nakayama family, it is where Noriko and Niki both grew up for most their lives. As a child, Sensei would frequently visit to hang out with the two sisters. It was first seen during Spotless Mind as part of a memory, but was later visited physically during How To Make Love Stay.

Amamiya Estate

The home of the Amamiya family. It's the second largest mansion in Kumon-Mi, only topped by the Tsukioka estate. While it's full scope is unknown, it has a few location that are known, like the dojo with a few side rooms, a backyard with koi ponds and a lot of restrooms in a labyrinth-like structure. The Amamiya Estate hosts some of the Halloween parties and, therefore, is visited during the Halloween Party event chains.

Tsukioka Estate

The largest mansion and private property in Kumon-Mi owned by the Tsukioka family. Sensei visited it once when he was invited by Tsubasa and got a small tour through it's most important places, which include several gardens from different time periods, a ceremony room used for marriages, an arboretum housing the last everblooming sakura, an Olympic-sized heated pool and “the hall of a thousand paintings”, though there are a lot more rooms and historical treasures there.

Other Locations

Old District

Run-down and plagued by poverty, the old district is home to shady citizens and the homeless. Introduced in This Town Has Two Halves, it is often referred to as the second half of town. Yumi, Chika, Chinami, and Tsuneyo all live in the Old District. Notable locations within it include Tojo Ramen, the Chosokabe Flat, and a convenience store that Noriko works at.


A cemetery located within Kumon-mi. Being where Ami's parents are buried, it is only seen during Sensei and Ami's visits during O World (In Our Final Moments) and Outcry of the Hunted Hare. Not much is known about its specific location or even its size.


A basement located within the urban district of Kumon-Mi. It's where Otoha regularly receives vocal lessons from Niki in secret, first seen in Two-Octave Pitch Glide. It appears to be sparsely decorated, lacking little more than a couch and a few neon signs. It's also shown in Breaking Character to suffer from electrical issues.


A dense forest located somewhere in Kumon-Mi. It was first seen in The End of the Tour (Glasswalker), and is a location where Sensei and Niki spent a large amount together. As young children, they built a secret base made of collected trash in a small clearing. As teenagers they'd sneak away into it to be alone. Located somewhere within are a circle of abandoned Gassho-styled houses.

Subway Line

An undergound rail line located beneath the streets of Kumon-mi. Sensei never uses it, prefering to walk everywhere, so it's first appearance is during the event A Commoner's Tour of Summer, when he takes the Tsukioka family on a ride. It's later seen during his daytrip with Molly and is how the group travels to Nodoka's book-signing.

Kumon-Mi Academy

Another school located within the barrier of Kumon-mi. It's said to be located closer to the urban part of the town and was the previous school of Io, Nodoka, Noriko, Otoha, Touka, Uta, and Yasu. Futaba also previously attended the school. Not much is known about the school itself, and during Fireworks, Chicken, and the Innate Fear of Death, it sinks into the ground, forcing all its students to transfer into Kumon-Mi High.

Old Kumon-Mi High School

An abandoned high school in the middle of nowhere. No one seems to know about its existence or remembers going there. Sensei finds himself there sometimes, though every visit was unintentional and by unknown means. Sometimes he meets a mysterious girl with brunette hair there who seems to know a lot about him but refuses to tell him how she knows and who she is.

In Beyond the Reach of God the girl tells him that this place might exist in its own reality and has its own rules, which was confirmed when he got a call from Futaba telling him that she hasn't heard from him for a while, when it was only two minutes for him, and that the coordinates he sent her were from outside the barrier.

Notes and Trivia

  • Ireland and America have been mentioned and exist within the world. It is likely that the depicted world around Kumon-Mi equals the real world.
  • Despite being located in Japan, Kumon-mi is mentioned numerous times throughout the game as using American units of length, temperature, and occasionally currency.