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Kaori Kadowaki
Personal Information
Surname Name Kadowaki Kaori
Birthday (Age) December 25th (22)
Type of Character Side
Additional Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow and Azure
Height 5′ 5′′ (165cm)
  • Waitress at multiple restaurants
  • Barkeeper at Sakaki-Bar-a (Chap. 3)
  • Saving animals
  • John
  • Working
Dislike(s) unknown
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance
Notes unknown

Kaori Kadowaki is part of the Side Cast of in Lessons In Love. She’s a waitress at various restaurants across Kumon-Mi and is also a relative of Yumi and Yuki Yamaguchi.


Not a lot is known about Kaori’s past due to her having next to no memories of it. Her first memories are of a loud noise, being hospitalized, and that she was given lots of juice during her stay. After she was released, she started working as a waitress for multiple locations as she likes to work, wants to save money to purchase as many animal friends she can and since it’s a very easy job for her to get despite having no academic background.

Sensei learned a bit about her past from Yumi, who recognized her when she saw them hanging out together. Kaori happens to be her older cousin and was one of her few friends when she was a child. She visited her regularly until she was caught in an accident and hospitalized. No one received any news from her as time went on, so they assumed she succumbed to her injuries, despite the fact that she made a full physical recovery.


Kaori is a very lively young woman, being cheery, sociable and energetic, which makes her an ideal waitress. While she’s usually upbeat and easy-going, she takes her work very seriously, showing concern when she sees underaged girls in bars and intervenes any attempt to let them drink alcohol while also making sure that customers are treated kindly, which is why she reprimanded Yuki when she treated Nodoka with contempt.

Her most noticeable character trait is her way of speaking. She uses weird, elaborate descriptions for everything, even if she gets told how the things she described are called, which makes interactions with her memorable and confusing. She also has no idea what certain things are and uses the wrong words at times, like using “Good bye” as a greeting and “hello” before she leaves or hangs up. Lastly, she uses nicknames or simple descriptions of people’s personality to address them rather then using their names. All of these habits seem to be an aftermath of her accident and memory loss as, according to Yumi, her way of speaking was completely normal before it.



While they had a few interactions before, they never properly interacted in a meaningful way until Human Trafficking, where Kaori asked Sensei to teach her about the world in exchange for her phone number. She quickly considers him to be her first and only human friend and is always excited to spend time with him or serve him as a waitress. She initially gave him the nickname "Hamburger Man", and slowly began to append various other titles, creating confusingly complex nicknames like "Friendburger".

She’s also shown to be physically attracted to him as she plainly states how she thinks he’s attractive, was willing to let him kiss her and even wouldn’t have minded getting intimate with him in exchange for his guidance.


Kaori purchased her rooster John some time before The Best Ways to Rub a Cock. She loves him a lot and was devastated when he suddenly disappeared.


Upon meeting Nao-chan for the first time, Kaori was instantly overcome with a protective and motherly instinct. With little more than a few exchanged words, Kaori unofficially adopts Nao-chan as her "daughter", welcoming her into her apartment, and obsessing over the proper ways to raise her. Kaori seems to put a lot of importance on the latter, going as far as to ask Sensei for his assistance as she fears messing up.

Despite knowing each other for a very little amount of time, Kaori is incredibly attached to Nao-chan, becoming distressed at the prospective of being separated from her. Despite this, she does have a few grips with her daughter, such as Nao-chan's tendency to swipe coffee mugs.


Kaori first meets Niki when she and Sensei meet-up for breakfast at one of the diners where she works. While Kaori initially seems somewhat scared of her, the two end up becoming friends as Niki continues to dine at Route 69.

Kaori is initially only interested in Niki due to her having a past with Sensei, however after spending much more time, she begins to see her as another new friend. The two often speak outside of their time together with Sensei, and seem to have grown close in the time between the first Dorm Wars and Sensei's class's 4th Halloween party. This is to the point where Kaori even asks Niki for advice on her budding romantic feelings, albeit while obscuring important details.


Yuki is Kaori’s aunt, though like with most things, she didn’t remember that. After being reintroduced to her during Butterfly Facts, she is happy to have a family member again and even became a barkeeper at Sara’s bar to spend more time with her. While she likes her, she doesn’t tolerate her rude attitude towards customers.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Only I can handle this man’s meat"
  • "Please give me 300 seconds to tell the computer that I am hungry."
  • "That sounds very crazy. You are a crazy person. I am not used to being the normal one at the table."


  • Kaori was the winner of the sixth Lessons in Love Side Gravure Poll for October 2020.
  • She has a tendency to add -burger to names or nicknames, like Friendburger and Yukiburger.
  • Kaori has heterochromia, meaning that her eyes have different colors by birth.
  • Kaori had an Instagram account where she posted pictures of herself in her underwear and her tattoo, though she became embarrassed upon finding out it was public and deleted it after Good Day, Humans.