"Impulse" is an Event for Uta Ushibori.

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Uta notices Sensei and wasn’t aware of his presence until now as she was too absorbed in her lesson with Wakana. Io joins her and tells her that she’s in a good mood after Sensei opened up to her, which makes Uta sigh as she has to update her harem leaderboard again. After hearing that Ami is the highest ranked girl, Sensei isn’t fond of her ranking system, especially since Ami’s position is based on Uta over-analyzing the actions and feelings of his niece. Uta doesn’t agree because love comes in all forms, so Sensei mentions her crush on a sponge, which ticks her off and confuses Io.

Suddenly, Kirin calls out to Io because they have to clean up the storage room. Sensei encourages her to do that so both of them can get closer and, after Kirin calls her again when she loses her patience, she reluctantly goes to her. While Sensei can tell that this won’t end well, he’s still surprised that she did, though assumes that she only does it to impress him.

Once Io is gone, Uta forces Sensei to learn the basics of holding a bow. He lets it happen since he can spend some time with her, but, to his surprise, she doesn’t just instruct him from the sidelines. Instead she gets close to him, guides his movements with her hands and presses her chest on his back, though he can’t feel it since she’s still wearing her chestguard. Uta doesn’t let him shoot an arrow yet, because he should focus on his stance for now, but assures him that his shot will be great as long as he trains regularly.

He tells her that he doesn’t mind training with her as long as she trains him like this, which causes her to fall silent for a moment before passionately embracing him from behind, claiming that she’s stabilizing his posture. Uta loses herself in the moment, but when Io returns and wants to know what they’re doing, she panics and tries to make up an excuse so they can leave without making Io suspicious. It fails due to her being too flustered to act like her usual self and Sensei’s bad acting skills. She takes him away while Io tries to understand what just happened.

She guides him inside the room of the tea ceremony club and he wonders why she brought him here. Her intention was to bring them away from Io so they don’t look suspicious, but realizes that she might’ve achieved the opposite with this. She sits down on a tatami mat so she can try to clam down and Sensei follows her lead. He tries to figure out why Uta acts like she did, until he notices her blushing face, her uncomfortable body movements and her poking index fingers. He makes her aware of that, but when she tries to deflect it, he doesn’t believe her because she claims that she’s afraid of tea.

She admits that she does a lot of things out of impulse, but Sensei doesn’t see any harm in being impulsive from time to time. She doesn’t agree with him, since she only gets like that in certain situations, and some of her impulsive actions caused a lot of problems in the past, but she doesn’t explain what kind of problems those were. After she managed to calm herself down, they go back to Io, who buries her caterpillar.

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  • Event Default Name = Impulse
  • Event Script Name(s) = utaarchery1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 26p1.