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Ayane Amamiya
Personal Information
Surname Name Amamiya Ayane
Birthday (Age) September 25th (n/a)
Type of Character Main
Additional Information
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Height 5′ 3′′ (161cm)
Job(s) unknown
  • Karate
  • Her father
  • Being emotionally open
  • Unnamed Mother
  • Unnamed Father
  • Swimming Club (Chap. 3)
First Appearance
Notes unknown
'Another one of Ami’s close friends that has been coming to the house for years now. She is...surprisingly open. [...] She’s incredibly flirtatious and often wanders off to talk to me instead of Ami and Maya while hanging out at the house. Her parents have made several large donations to the school and her father is one of the few males left in the city but, despite that, Ayane bears little attachment to him.
— Sensei's notes

Ayane Amamiya is part of the Main Cast of in Lessons In Love. She is part of the original ten girls in Sensei's class. She lives in Room 2 with Sana Sakakibara.


Ayane has known Sensei for years prior to the start of the game. Originally one of Ami's friends from middle school, Ayane quickly grew a deep attachment towards Sensei, to the point where she'd often come over for the sole purpose of speaking to him. Unlike Ami, she makes no attempt to hide this love, openly professing it in class and in public, usually to the discomfort of everyone around her.

Growing up, her family was poor, with her father working around the clock in order to provide for the family. As a result, she's grown up extremely distant from him and was extremely close to her mother before she left.

At some point, she began to practice Karate as a way to establish some independence for herself.


Ayane is a very extroverted, and outgoing person, being the only one out of the class to actively make friends with the, usually reserved, Sana. She's often the voice of optimism, balancing out the cynicism Maya brings to their group. Her loud proclamations of her love for Sensei usually make those around her uncomfortable, but this doesn't seem to faze her, suggesting a strong sense of confidence. Despite coming from a wealthy family, she's extremely modest and reserved with her money, possibly due to her frugal upbringing, her resentment of her father, or her desire to be seen as normal.

Due to her adoration for her mother, she dreams of someday being as good a mom as her's was. Over the course of the game, this dream becomes shakier and less tangible to her, but it's still her main desire in life.

She uses this abundance of happiness and optimism to mask an anxious, melancholic side. This mask is so strong that even Sensei is unable to pry it off her. Though, it does leak through sometimes, especially if certain criteria are filled.



Ayane is obsessed with Sensei, rivaling Ami in the intensity of her love. This obsession goes as far as taking candid photos, referring to him as her "future husband", and publicly displaying affection towards him despite the social stigma. She dreams of someday settling down with him and having seven children with him. While her love is strong, her confidence in actually obtaining Sensei's love back is shaky, only becoming more unsure as the game progresses. She's shown to be afraid of losing him, similar to Ami, but is much more willing to accept this possibility than her. She's extremely dependent on Sensei to be an emotional anchor for her, having placed her faith and love in him as a replacement for both her parents. Despite this dependency, she's afraid to be open with him about her own insecurities, not wanting to appear unstable or unfit for him.

Ayane is the first to have a more intimate relationship with Sensei, and later joins Maya and him in, what she dubs, the "Rooftop Apocalypse Squad".


Ami and Ayane have known each other for years, and they often compete against each other for Sensei's attention. This usually ends with them bickering and teasing each other, but they never stay mad at each other for long. Over the years, they've developed a mutually supportive relationship, with Ayane even being somewhat supportive of Ami's taboo feelings. Despite the number of unexpected developments over the course of the game, such as the class doubling in size, the two remain close, even forming the 'Sensei Love Squad' in retaliation to the larger number of girls in his life.


Despite knowing each other for years, there aren't many times when Ayane and Maya hang out together, usually only doing so when Ami tags along. While not on bad terms, the two were nothing more than casual friends until Creatures of Habit. Afterwards, Ayane grows increasingly suspicious of the relationship between Sensei and Maya. In the end, though, she still sees her as a good friend, going as far as to ask Maya to protect Ami and Sensei in the event something happens to her.


Sana is Ayane's roommate. As a result, the two are extremely close, confiding in each other about topics they wouldn't share with anyone else. This compatibility surprises most viewing from the outside, due to the striking differences in their personalities. The two became friends after they met during a 'dark time' in Sana's life, and have been inseparable since.

As the game progresses, the two are seen less and less with each other, due in part to Sana's increasing social circle. Nonetheless, the two remain friends, even inviting Sensei out for a beach trip during How the World Works.


Ayane has known Kirin for years but never significantly interacted with her until the events of the game. Even then, the nature of their relationship heavily depends on player choice, leaving them as either casual friends, or as outright enemies. In the event of the latter, Ayane holds a deep grudge and distrust towards Kirin for what she did, but remains powerless to stop her until the events of Furlough (Tell the World).


Ayane's family situation is complicated. While she loves her mother deeply, the two haven't seen each other for some time, due to her parents separating when she was young. And, after their divorce, her mother seems to have made no attempts to contact Ayane. Regardless, Ayane still holds her in high regard, aspiring to be just as good a mother as she was.

While never close to him due to his constant work, after falling into her father's custody, she builds a growing resentment towards him. She goes as far as to declare him her "arch nemesis" and a "super villain" in Slumber Party. The situation between them seems even more complicated, as Ayane herself hesitates on going into specifics.


Being the Amamiya family's butler, Ayane and Geoffrey spend a large amount of time together. According to her, he's "the only one in the house who pays attention" to her and is often mentioned as delivering food or various other things to her.

Memorable Quotes

  • "There are three things you never ask a girl: her age, her weight, and where she got her automatic rifle."
  • "[...]I hope you’ll get to accept and understand what it means to be in love one day. Because it really is the greatest feeling in the world."
  • "So, Halloween. Am I right?"


  • Ayane's birthday was revealed in Pry With a Smile by Ayane herself.
  • She's been hinting at that Ami and her have kissed on Christmas a long time ago. However, Ami denies it when Sensei mentions it in Bottled Dreams.
  • Ayane has a habit of bringing random objects to class, including but not limited to: Swords, Pizza, Chickens, Automatic Rifles