After the Rain

"After the Rain" is an Event for Uta Ushibori.

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Auto-play after Where Wishes Come True

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Sensei and Uta manage to find shelter in a love hotel. Sensei immediately suggests to use the situation, but Uta doesn’t want her first time in a way that would only appeal to Kirin, which he refrains to comment on, and with the man her best friend likes. He points out that she’s already wet, but when she asks how he’s aware of that, he tells her that he was referring to her being drenched, which she meant that as well.

She wants to keep the conversation going to distract her from the noises. He wonders why she paid for a room in the first place and she reminds him that he’s broke and she didn’t expect them to take her money when she looks too young to be here. Sensei offers to get some of his money back, but she doesn’t want to risk anything and rather wants to warm herself up. He tries to suggest something, but she already knows what that is and threatens him with her death beam. Sensei wonders if she has a beam to warm herself up, but, unfortunately, she hasn’t.

Sensei asks what they should do instead and Uta notices the bathroom, but also realizes that the walls are transparent. She allows him to take a bath and while he thinks that he should let her take one first, he is more than willing to take her up on that. Uta additionally offers him to become Uta-chan again for a special bath experience, but he already knows that it will be something completely harmless. He wants to know what she has in mind, but she isn’t going to tell him while he’s still not in the bathtub. A defeated Sensei makes his way to the bathroom while Uta questions her actions and also begs Sensei to not look in her direction for 30 seconds.

Sensei prepares his bath and, surprisingly, only looks at Uta once her time limit ended, but she already finished what she intended to do. Uta enters and scrubs his back and he expected something like that. Uta tries her best to make him feel comfortable as Uta-chan, but he wants to experience this with the real Uta, which forces her to suppress a scream of excitement and arousal. He still feels bad about her still being drenched and thinks she should at least dry herself off, but she assures him that she doesn’t mind being in wet clothes, that she already removed her socks and underwear, which bothered her the most, and is surprised to hear that he looked away the entire time. She teases him about how he missed a golden opportunity, but he decides to bide his time for now.

Uta thinks that they will look back at this fondly as long as he doesn’t run away with Io, which she hopes he doesn’t do, but he considers it since Io seems to be more open to get intimate with him. She finds this amusing, reminds him that not everyone wants the kind of relationship he prefers and that he should know that bot everyone wants that immediately after meeting him. He’s aware of that, but is also unable to tell how far someone is able to go. Uta advises him to be careful because moving too early would result in scaring someone off and he uses this to ask her what would be too early for her.

Before she can answer him, she receives a text message and uses it to end the conversation while pretending it never happened. Once she reads it, she immediately leaves the hotel room in shock, much to Sensei’s confusion. Sensei finishes his bath and tries to find something to do. He notices Uta’s panties in the corner, drenched by rain and teenage martyrdom, and repeatedly defiles them until the rain stops.

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  • Event Default Name = After the Rain
  • Event Script Name(s) = utamaid25p2
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .26p1.