Red-ish Light District

"Red-ish Light District" is an Event for Touka Tsukioka.




To get this event

Auto-play after A Commoner's Tour of Summer

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




This Event takes place in the following locations:


After leaving the subway, Sensei and the Tsukioka’s find themselves in the entertainment district he visited on his date. The girls are impressed that they found something this spectacular and try to figure out how reasonable it is for them to be here, but Sensei assures them that they’re save during the day and also decides to visit this place at night one day. They decide to look for something to do and Sensei has a place in mind.

Touka wonders why he was here before, but answers her own question when she remembers what she heard about this place, while Tsubasa is worried about that place not being appropriate for Tsukasa to visit. He assures them that the place is fine since it’s an arcade he visited with one of his students. Touka and Tsubasa think that this student was Molly or Chika respectively, but he tells them that it was Rin, which makes Tsubasa feel stupid while Touka isn’t surprised. The girls agree to visit the arcade and Sensei, after he remembered it’s name, leads the way.

They arrive in the arcade and Touka gives him a snarky compliment for his choice. He wonders who taught her about sarcasm, but she picked it up during their time together. She decides to check out one of the arcade machines, Tsubasa wants to order something from the bar and Tsukasa inspects one of the tabletop games. Meanwhile, Sensei figures out which of the girls he wants to spend time with.

When he comes to Touka, he watches her trying to play a Beat ‘em up, but she is completely out of her element and can’t figure out the basic controls. After explaining them to her, Sensei decides to play a few rounds with her. Touka loses again and again between being too confident in her status and having neither the experience nor the talent to play it properly, so Sensei decides to let her win after a while so he can move on. He isn’t fond of letting her win, but feels satisfied when he sees her jumping in joy over her victory.

When he joins Tsubasa at the bar, he tells her how surprised he was about her joining her daughter for this excursion, but she took the opportunity to get out of the mansion for a while. She tells him about her escapes to the city in the past and how she wished that they were more frequent, as she fells that she wasted her life to an extend and has fewer options to do it between her responsibilities and her lack of friends outside of her world. He offers to be her friend and while she is confused that he would offer that, despite knowing how busy she is, she accepts his offer and exchanges her contact information with him.

When he joins Tsukasa at the table, she asks him to teach her about the game and the outside world. She even offers him a position as her butler, but he has no intention to become on. His answer makes her wonder why Touka likes him so much. He asks her if that’s true and she confirms that she told her so, but also tells him that he’s the only teacher she liked so far. She demands that he teaches her how to play this game and agrees to do it in exchange for a favor. She agrees to give him one, though she interprets it as getting rid of a body.

Participating Characters


  • Tsubasa has a slight change in her dialogue depending on if you choose to join Touka before her or not.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = Red-ish Light District
  • Event Script Name(s) = toukaspecial15p2
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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  • justbehappy.mp3

Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .23p2.