A Commoner's Tour of Summer

"A Commoner's Tour of Summer" is an Event for Touka Tsukioka.

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Sensei left early today, so he decides to take Touka out to show her how commoners spend their summer vacation, even though he hasn’t planned anything. He assumes that it will be fine as they will be alone, but when she calls out for him, he sees Tsubasa and Tsukasa accompanying her. Tsukasa heard about their plans and both of them decided to tag along. Sensei admits that he hasn’t made plans for their event and can’t really think of anything that would suit their status.

Touka reminds him that they left their status behind for the day and that they’re dressed more casually for that reason. Sensei tells her that only Tsukasa is dressed casually, because, despite her condescending shirt, her clothes make her look like a weird kid, which she takes offense to. He further explains that Touka’s dress just makes her look like she wants to impress someone, which her mother teases her over, and that Tsubasa’s insistence on wearing her family crest makes her look overdressed for an excursion and that her top is a little too tight, though he doesn’t say the latter out loud.

As Sensei has no idea where to take them, he suggests that they should call it a day, but Tsukasa wants to ride the subway as this is the first thing she thinks of when she imagines commoners. Touka and Tsubasa are a little concerned about the safety in there, especially in regards to being groped, but Sensei reminds them that this is unlikely to happen with no men around. He doesn’t know where they would land, but Tsukasa memorized the entire map beforehand and will guide them. Sensei doesn’t mind and guides them to the nearest subway station.

Tsukasa’s euphoria for the subway dies down fast after the train left the station. Touka wonders if they can take a seat and Sensei uses this opportunity to mess with her again by claiming that they need special tickets for that. Once she returns from trying to get one, she sits next to Sensei and opens up to him about how, despite everything she has as a member of the Tsukioka family, she is completely oblivious about the outside world and how he takes advantage of her gullibility and lack of knowledge.

Sensei pretends like he hasn’t listened to her due to her mother being there, but she informs him that her mother will most likely accompany them to every outing they may have. She also looks forward to when he enters her world and struggles with it like she does now. He assures her that she will have a hard time messing with him but looks forward to her trying it. They look away from each other as Touka, with a light blush in her cheeks, is happy that he called her by her actual name.

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This Event was added in Update .23p2.