Impregnation Spree

"Impregnation Spree" is an Event for Rika Rokuhara.

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To get this event

Call Rika during the night after all Requirements have been fulfilled.

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




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Having recently obtained Rika's phone number, Sensei decides to call her and see if she's free to hang out. When she picks up, Rika immediately asks him if it's possible to outrun the rain, reminding him just what sort of person she is. After refuting her theory, she invites him out to hang out with her. He initially assumes she's still hanging around Rin and Futaba's dorm, but soon learns she's currently exercising with them at the gym. After getting permission from Futaba to show up, he makes his way over, learning why Rika asked about rain when it starts to pour on him.

He arrives at the gym, drenched in rainwater much to everyone's confusion. He ignores their concern and asks how things are, to which Rin sarcastically responds, still concerned about him. Rika meanwhile feels great, asking if he comes to the gym often since she needs a partner on days Rin and Futaba are busy. He responds that he doesn't and has no intention to start, making Rika confused about how he stays in shape. When Futaba and Rin give suspiciously awkward answers, she incorrectly guesses him to be a secret ballet dancer. Now confused himself, Sensei asks how she possibly came to that conclusion, becoming more confused and somewhat annoyed as the girls comment on his build. He states that it’s time for him to leave, and Rika asks if she can accompany him, wanting to take a proper break from exercising. While he was only sarcastic, he takes her up on that.

The two stand under an awning and Sensei takes the opportunity to ask Rika about what raising Rin was like. She tells him it has its ups and downs, but that the real tragedy is when your child decides they're too cool for you. He tries to reassure her by telling her about all the nice things Rin has said about her but only makes her feel worse when he can't recall anything. He tries to salvage this by saying that it's clear Rin appreciates her, even if she is constantly embarrassed by her. Rika's happy to hear this, having wanted to avoid an awkward relationship between them like the one she had with her own mother. Sensei reaffirms Rin's appreciation, adding that being embarrassed is a much better alternative to her potentially living in an orphanage forever.

Rika agrees, admitting she often forgets Rin's adopted since they've been together so long. She also confesses that while Rin sees their family as normal now, it wasn't always like that and that she was rarely sure what to do raising her, unlike her partner. This pushes her to reflect on Rin's adoption, more specifically the kids they didn't end up choosing. While Sensei can't relate to the desire to have kids, he sympathizes with that mindset, saying he'd probably fall into the same train of thought if he ever was in her position.

Hearing this, she jokingly warns him not to go out and create more orphans, because not everyone will be as lucky with their home as Rin was. Using this, he segues into asking about Rin's biological parents, which Rika initially hesitates to talk about. According to the case worker, Rin's biological mom was mentally unstable and way too young to handle raising a kid, meanwhile, her father left before Rin was born and no one has any information on him. She cites this as a good example of how recklessness can cause suffering for most children. He reassures her that he has no intention to reproduce, but Rika reminds him that this can happen regardless of his intention, and asks what he'd do if it does happen – Would he take responsibility or run away from them? He refuses to answer, which Rika can understand, but advises him to not run away from the consequences.

Having slowly picked up on his personality, Rika starts to see why Rin likes him so much, citing it's because he's a "goober". This nickname upsets Sensei and eventually pushes him into leaving, once again getting soaked by the rain.

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  • Event Default Name = Impregnation Spree
  • Event Script Name(s) = rikadate1
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .31.0.