Rolling Stop

"Rolling Stop" is an Event for Maki Miyamura. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "Again, I Can't Recall". This event belongs to an event chain started from "So Far Below".

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Sensei gets woken up by Ami, who tells him that a stranger entered their house. Due to her calm demeanor, he doesn’t believe her and she admits that the lube sales woman barged in, took the coffee she prepared for him and refuses to leave. Sensei has an idea why Maki is here, promises to be up in a moment and asks her for a new coffee. She agrees to make one but isn’t happy about it. He gets dressed quickly, fearing that Ami would poison Maki if he doesn’t supervise her.

Sensei leaves his room and is greeted by Maki. Ami complains about her drinking his coffee and when Maki orders another coffee, she offers to spice hers up a little. Sensei forbids her to poison Maki and, after Ami returns to the kitchen, she asks Sensei to accompany her, because she needs his help at home. He assumes that she needs help with Makoto, which she confirms. Ami, who returned and is aware of Makoto getting called to the front office, is a little worried about it, but promises that she was joking when Sensei reprimands her. Maki assures her that Makoto hasn’t done anything and that they only have some family problems. Ami seems to realize what this means as she falls silent and immediately goes back to her room after serving them coffee.

Maki brings Sensei to her car and drives to the porn shop. Maki notices Sensei’s nervousness and he admits that he is, even though he thought it wouldn’t show. He asks about Makoto’s current condition and why she left her alone when they should be inseparable now. She explains that keeping her distance from her is more effective and that Makoto spends almost all her time in her room with Miku, who is currently back at the dorm due to a lack of sleep.

They arrive at Maki’s home and she feels bad that she’s unable to help her daughter since she reminds her of her father. Sensei wonders if he wouldn’t do the same as he’s the only male authority figure in her life now, but she thinks that he’s only her crush rather than a reminder of her father and that she needs someone she looks up to. Sensei suggests to let time fix her, but Maki tells him that time doesn’t make her feel safe. Sensei agrees and even offers to help Maki once he’s done. She only wants her daughter’s happiness and Sensei calls her a great mother for her mindset. She doesn’t agree, because she has to rely on others to help her daughter and is creeped out by her current state, which makes Sensei remember the last time she was a mess. Sensei gets second thoughts, but Maki forces him into her room.

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  • If you saw Dyed Orange, Drenched in Sun, Sensei tells Maki that he knows about Miku’s past and, therefore, understands why she goes above and beyond to help Makoto. Maki didn’t thought he was this close to her, but he confesses that he learned it from someone else. She drops the topic to prevent her from getting vengeance on that person and recommends him to wait for Miku to be ready to talk about it.

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  • Event Default Name = Rolling Stop
  • Event Script Name(s) = sadgirls6
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update .25p2.