Wrong Places/Wrong Times

"Wrong Places/Wrong Times" is an Event for Karin Kanda.

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Sensei wants to see if he can break Karin’s record in hanging up his call by directly asking her out on a date. Surprisingly, she doesn’t hang up both times he asks, though she yells something inaudible. She wonders if he called her by accident when he intended to ask Kirin, since he confessed that they’re involved, but he tells her that he called her by accident and that he’s interested in other girls as well. While Karin tries to comprehend his words, he tells her that he’ll send her an address and hangs up, thinking that he’s slowly but surely getting closer to her.

Karin is excited, but when Kirin mentions condoms, she gets startled and drops her phone. She wonders which girl confessed to her this time, but Karin tells her that she wouldn’t “date” a girl. She’s confused by her pronunciation and realizes that she has a date with Sensei. Kirin doesn’t want her to go out with her man and tells her to find someone else if she’s curious, but Karin replies that nothing serious will happen and that there shouldn’t be an issue if he’s already hers and with him also being interested in her. Kirin demands that she goes instead of her, especially since she doesn’t have any plans, but Karin informs her that she has to clean the house and storms of to get ready.

After some time, Karin meets Sensei at the spot he sent her and he’s amazed by how stunning and mature she looks. She apologizes for making him wait, but he doesn’t mind and even thought for a moment that she would send Kirin instead. She asks if he would’ve preferred that and, when he denies it, thinks that this is a dream and immediately loses herself in a spiral of doubt and uncertainty. Sensei tries to reason with her but leaves her behind when her thoughts get too ridiculous. She follows him and apologizes for doubting reality.

Sensei decides to walk around with her while she walks surprisingly close by his side. He confesses that he made no plans for their date, but she doesn’t mind because she was unable to spend time with him after the soccer club got disbanded, started to miss his presence, especially with Kirin still seeing him on a regular basis, and is happy to just be in his company again. He tells her that she feels like that because she starts do develop feelings for him and her flustered reactions proof his point.

Karin fears that he sees her as a kid, gets angry when he mentions his interest in Kirin and is scared that he won’t spend time with her if she inadvertently messes it up once their relationship gets deeper. He assures her that she doesn’t need to be afraid and with her worries soothed she wants to go somewhere to eat instead of running in circles all day. He visits several stores with her and goes to bed once he’s back home.

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  • The event has some changes when Sensei lied to Karin in Forty Degrees Below Zero
    • The Kanda sisters don’t have an argument but a normal conversation. Karin gloats about her date, tells her sister that she really wants to go instead of letting her go and that she’s interested in him, especially with her feelings being all over the place because of him. Kirin, on the other hand, is scared instead of pissed of and asks timidly if she can go instead of demanding it.
    • Karin thinking that her date is a dream gets replaced by Sensei complimenting her and her trying to compliment him back.
    • When she asks him if he sees her as a kid his comment about Kirin is replaced with him saying that he already denied that when she made him sushi.

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  • Event Default Name = Wrong Places/Wrong Times
  • Event Script Name(s) = karindate30
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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