Amoeba (Incontrovertible Peculiarity)

"Amoeba (Incontrovertible Peculiarity)" is an Event for Nodoka Nagasawa.

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Sensei wakes up with the feeling that today will be normal. This feeling is squashed the minute he steps outside, though, as he receives a phone call from someone unexpected. Answering it, Nodoka speaks back, asking him about his plans for the day. After he reveals he has none, she invites him along to something that will take the rest of his day, and possibly the next. She denies his accusation of this being another set-up, explaining that she's going to be playing matchmaker for Rin and Otoha today. He asks why he's being invited, which she explains is so she won't be third-wheeling the two of them – Additionally, they have to make a detour first and she would appreciate his presence for this. Before he can give a proper reply, she tells him to meet her at the station near the school and promptly hangs up. Realizing he has no choice, he begins to make his way over, filled with curiosity as to what Nodoka has planned for him this time.

Upon arriving, Rin and Otoah's confused expression reveals they weren't clued in about his appearance sooner. Sensei directs all of Otoha's proceeding questions to Nodoka, who gives the same explanation she gave him earlier. Rin's still confused by this explanation since the reason they're hanging out is to support her. From here, the group reveals that the “detour” Nodoka mentioned was a book signing she's hosting for her newest release. Nodoka explains that she was simply being humble, but was serious about wanting Sensei's support too. He tries to ask about the “matchmaking” she mentioned earlier, but when he refuses to give details, Otoha immediately picks up on the subtext. Preemptively exhausted with the day ahead of them, Otoha drags Rin along with her to the station platform, wanting to avoid Nodoka and Sensei's usual banter as much as possible. Now alone, Sensei tries to pry into Nodoka's real reason for inviting him along. She deflects his questions and tells him to figure it out along the way. He complains about the ambiguity, which Nodoka accepts, saying he only needs to be present.

The group board the train, with Nodoka and Sensei sitting alone as Rin and Otoha speak amongst themselves. After denying a sip of her coffee, he tries to ask about this newest book of hers, which she initially deflects with her usual brand of banter. He presses, though, but is somewhat disappointed when her proceeding answers come off as pretentious or boring. Hearing this, she asks him about his reading habits which he confirms as non-existent. She's saddened to hear this, telling him loads of experiences can only be found within books; She concedes there are quite a few experiences he's had that couldn't be found in books, though. She ponders if today's outing might push him to pick up his pen again, admitting it'd be nice to have a partner of equal skill level. He questions how she even knows if he's any good at writing, which she can't confirm but is simply intuiting.

The conversation trails and Sensei tries to pry into the impetus for her hobby, only getting more vague and confusing answers. Though, this time, she admits it was a purposeful segue – She begins to muse about the other incomprehensible things and asks what someone who's experienced them might do with their life. The things they experienced would be impossible to explain, or even replicate, but the desire to be understood would permeate their entire existence, she argues. She concludes this rant satisfied with having answered his question, but Sensei objects, feeling it was just an elaborate deflection. Nodoka denies this, claiming she does want him to know but that it's impossible since he's not meant to understand yet – The thing that drives her writing is a feeling and her need to make everyone understand this feeling is her only motivation in life, because if she fails to achieve it, she will return to being nothing.

Sensei leans back in his seat, feeling strangely at peace with this explanation.

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This Event was added in Update .31.0.