Ever Fallen In Love

"Ever Fallen In Love" is an Event for Rin Rokuhara.

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Rin and Otoha are sitting on a bench in front of the school’s entrance. Otoha, after Rin stalls her attempts, starts with the fact that Rin kept her parents breaking up a secret, even though she made it clear that she doesn’t tolerate keeping things like these a secrets, and tells her that she’s terrible in understanding her. Rin knows that, though not only with her, but she was worried that Otoha would get the impression that they wouldn’t last when she learned that her parents, after being built up as a perfect couple, broke up. Otoha tells her that it’s too early to worry about that, reminds her that she likes their slower pace and that the status of her parents relationship doesn’t affect them.

Rin feels sad that she’s unable to fix any of their relationships, but Otoha thinks that her parents should deal with their relationship on their own, that theirs just needs some tuning and that her biggest problem right now aren’t her parents. She tries to avoid that topic, but Rin, already having an idea what she’s referring to, tells her that she’s wrong. Rin takes the initiative and begs Otoha to have faith in her, because while she’s an idiot, she isn’t a cheater and won’t start anything with Chika. A worried Otoha reminds her that when she let Chika join the club she was so excited like she wanted her there and Rin admits that she was, but only because it allow her to spend time with a close friend.

Rin wonders if Otoha thinks that she is waiting for Chika to change her mind about them and Otoha admits that she believes that Rin would choose Chika over her if this would happen due to her impulsive nature and their long history together. Rin finally realizes that Otoha is jealous about her past with Chika and wants to know if she’s more jealous about the amount of time she had with Chika compared to her or that she was her first love. Otoha notices that Chika being her first would make her the second one, but Rin gets embarrassed and denies it. Otoha believes that they’re too young to think about love anyway, but Rin doesn’t think that there’s a right age for falling in love.

Otoha asks her if she really loved Chika and she admits that she did, though getting her heart broken was the better outcome since it allowed her to meet and be with her. She accidentally lets it slip that Chika has a relationship with Sensei now, immediately regrets her stupidity and tries to prevent Otoha from telling them that she let it slip. While she agrees to not tell them, she thinks that they should tell someone that Sensei has an inappropriate relationship with a student, but Rin, after she fails to frame it as a fantasy of hers, begs her not to do anything.

Meanwhile, Rika shows Sana how to play the drums, who’s very impressed by her skills. Chika was watching Rin’s and Otoha’s conversation in the meantime and wonders why Rin is panicking all of a sudden, though she hopes that everything is good between them since Rin went through too much already. After a while, Sensei leaves school and notices Rin and Otoha sitting on a bench and averting their eyes from him. He’s too occupied with Noriko to think about them, though, and only starts wondering what their behavior meant once he’s back home.

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  • Event Default Name = Ever Fallen In Love
  • Event Script Name(s) = rinspecial55
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.26p3.