Not Safe For Work

"Not Safe For Work" is an Event for Ami Arakawa.

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Having come to visit Ami at work, Sensei is surprised when he is suddenly dragged into the break room by her. Incredibly uncomfortable being in here, he tries to voice his concern, but Ami ignores him and continues talking. She talks about how happy she's been since starting work at the maid cafe, having often spent her days beforehand being bored around the house. A quip from her about having mind-reading powers leads the two down a topic about Ami's "protectiveness", with Sensei commenting that she's terrifyingly attached to the point of it being intimidating.

Ami's a bit worried upon hearing this sudden criticism but their conversation is derailed by Chika and Uta joining them, both extremely confused to see Sensei. Ami ignores the two's confusion and asks why Chika is here, learning that she's being given a tour of the place as she's been considering changing jobs. As Uta tries to continue her tour, Ami begins throwing passive-aggressive comments toward the two, trying to get them to leave her and Sensei alone. Chika begins to sling some comments on her own, eventually becoming frustrated to the point of leaving entirely. Sensei, meanwhile, stares in shock at the toxicity in her words.

Now alone again, he begins to lightly reprimand her for being so rude for no apparent reason. Ami initially doesn't understand what she did wrong but decides to apologize to her due to his insistence and her respect for Chika. She attempts to defend herself, though, citing Chika's clear jealousy as proof that Sensei's "unsafe" around her. He asks if there'll ever come a day when he's going to be safe around other people, which she denies, stating that the two of them are supposed to look out for each other forever.

He decides to put his foot down, telling Ami that he doesn't need her to feel safe and that he's getting tired of how clingy she's been acting lately – While he does love and care about her, his entire world doesn't revolve around her. Severely hurt, she asks why he would think that and if someone specifically told him that. He denies this, saying he's made a personal decision to start changing for the better.

Ami tries to insist that he doesn't need to change as he's already the best he can be. He denies this and tells her to not coddle him in the future. She refuses.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on Sensei's choice during No One Can See Us.

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