Debbie Downer

"Debbie Downer" is an Event for Imani Imai.

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Somewhere within the heart of Kumon-mi's urban district, Wakana meets up with Imani and Karin. The three of them have gathered today to go shopping for the upcoming Halloween, although Wakana's initially refuses to let Karin come along, only relenting at Imani's insistence. Imani also takes the opportunity to throw shade at Wakana for bailing on her and Sensei the other day. While avoiding mentioning the details to Karin, Imani begins to shout angrily at the large digital billboards featuring Niki, causing Wakana to begin walking away before they embarrass themselves.

The trio arrives at a gothic store within the urban district, with Wakana sending Karin away to browse the store. Now alone, Imani opens up more about her and Sensei's recent discussion. Hearing this, Wakana assumes Imani's also taken the time to reveal her scars to Sensei, but she immediately negates this, further confusing Wakana on how exactly Imani is planning on getting closer to him. Imani lets out several groans of frustration, brooding over her own lapses in judgment. Wakana assures her that whatever happened won't ruin things between her and Sensei before guiding her away so they can begin trying on clothes.

Unfortunately for Wakana, Imani doesn't stop talking about Sensei even once they begin trying on clothes. Desperate for a change in topic, she asks Imani if she knows about Ami's recent victory in the poetry contest. Imani confirms she does, admitting she's shocked since Ami's grades tend to be poor in nearly everything else. Before Wakana continues, she asks Imani to keep what she will say next a secret from Sensei, not wanting to further upset him.

With Imani's secrecy sworn and Karin joining them after having found nothing that fits her, Wakana asks Imani if she's ever heard of the local poet, "The Girl Who Cannot Breathe", revealing her theory that the aforementioned poet might be Ami's mother. This is especially worrying because of how similar Ami's work is to the poet's and how destructive the poet's worldview was, with Wakana worrying that Ami might replicate her toxic ideals and mannerisms without proper guidance. Imani begins to make plans to read up on the poet to familiarize herself as best she can, though she wonders if they should approach Ami about this when anything involving her parents is a delicate issue, but Wakana thinks it might be necessary.

Realizing that the discussion is about Ami's mother, Karin interjects, revealing that her father possibly went to school with her as he noticed a striking similarity between Ami and a girl from his class after seeing a picture of their beach trip. While she wants to help, Imani tells Karin she should leave it to them for now, though Wakana asks for her father's phone number so she can speak with him about this.

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  • Event Default Name = Debbie Downer
  • Event Script Name(s) = imanispecial15
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update 0.34.