Getting Comfortable

"Getting Comfortable" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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This Event takes place in the following locations:

  • Beach - First Floor's Room/Second Floor's Room


Sensei will spend the night with whichever set of girls won the dorm war, and goes around talking to them.

If the First Floor won the Dorm War:

  • Makoto and Futaba are happy that he came, doubting that he would come after Makoto imposed rules on his stay earlier, but he shrugs it of. They want to use his visit to discuss literature, since, contrary to his sarcastic remarks, he likes the subject and discussed it often before he changed his teaching methods, making him wonder why his former self was so boring.
  • Rin is trying to get to know Maya a bit better — Maya gives Sensei a very quick outline of what happened at the D&D session, while Rin is trying to stay positive about tomorrow's confession, though asks him to be ready in case she needs him.
  • Chika is on the phone with Chinami, who is up past her bedtime.
  • Yumi unsuccessfully pretends to be asleep to avoid talking to Sensei — he asks about the thing she wanted to talk about, but she again tells him to wait until tomorrow.
  • Miku and Sana are playing games. During his stay, Sensei begs Sana to never compare him to a father figure again, something she regrets in hindsight, though Miku can see him being her actual father, something he uses to tease her.
  • Finally, Ami and Ayane are waiting in the bedroom where Sensei will be sleeping — they intend to stay with him, and after a while, Chika drags her futon in as well to make sure nothing happens. Sensei falls asleep with them.

If the Second Floor won the Dorm War:

  • When he joins Karin and Kirin, the former is surprised to hear that he will be sleeping in their room. Once she gets over that, Sensei is surprised to see that both of them are getting along now, but Kirin tells him that despite her earlier attitude, they’re fine now. Both are also planning to go night swimming and invite Sensei along, but he declines, disappointing both of them.
  • Tsuneyo has a usual conversation with Sensei until he asks if Molly is already asleep. Tsuneyo tells him that she decided to rest after what happened at the D&D session, with Sensei having a rough idea what that was, and asks him what she could do to help her recover more quickly. He has no real solution for her and recommends to just stay by her side.
  • Touka has complaints about Sensei's inappropriate behavior and about her futon. Sensei manages to brighten her mood during his stay, but always ruins it immediately after.
  • Otoha is absorbed in writing while Nodoka provides Sensei with some of her usual kind of conversation.
  • Noriko has somehow convinced the rest of the second floor girls that Sensei will be sharing a futon with her, and is quite emotional about it.
  • Uta and Io are trying to figure out what to do about Yasu, who has been staring at the wall and muttering. Sensei asks them if they really surrendered when Noriko asked to share a futon with him and learns that Io didn’t want to, but was overruled when Uta agreed and everyone else followed her example. Uta is worried that he’s upset about their decision, but he doesn’t mind it.
  • They decide to do something against Yasu, because her rambling gets worse, and beg Touka to deal with her. She breaks her out of her trance by pocking her cheek and takes her outside to get something to drink.
  • As the day comes to a close, Sensei falls asleep with Noriko.

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  • The scene is completely different based on Dorm War results. Additionally, there can be slight variations depending on a lot of past choices.

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  • Event Default Name = Getting Comfortable
  • Event Script Name(s) = secondbeach11
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update .19p2.