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Makoto Miyamura
Personal Information
Surname Name Miyamura Makoto
Birthday (Age) December 9th (n/a)
Type of Character Main
Additional Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 5′ 3′′ (159cm)
Job(s) Clerk at family's shop
  • Studying
  • Teaching
  • Fishing
  • Adult Media
  • Student Council
  • Swimming Club (Chap. 3)
First Appearance
Notes unknown
'Makoto is the student council president, class representative, and self-proclaimed teacher’s assistant. She seems to be almost immune to the opinions of others and has no problem sucking up to me at all times, likely due to admiration rather than an innate desire for a recommendation letter. She’s the top student in her grade and has caused absolutely no problems whatsoever, often times keeping the entire class afloat when I am unable to. Makoto's biggest flaw is that she goes above and beyond far too frequently, to the point where I believe it might be damaging to her.'
— Sensei's notes

Makoto Miyamura is part of the Main Cast of in Lessons In Love. She is part of the original ten girls in Sensei's class. She lives in Room 3 with Miku Maruyama.


Makoto is the only child of Maki and Masahiro Miyamura. Growing up, she was as studious and serious as she is now, often dedicating her time to studying, even asking her parents for an encyclopedia as a birthday present one year. Due to her parent's open relationship, there were often hours or multiple days when her father would disappear to be with other women. Despite this, she loved her father more than her mother, respecting his stricter approach to discipline than her mother's hands-off approach.

Once the city was closed off and her father was sent off to fight in the space war, she was desperate to find another source of authority and discipline, sorely lacking in her mother. She found that source in Sensei upon transferring to his class, and took it upon herself to be his assistant, running errands and often performing his responsibilities for him.


Makoto is a straight-laced and serious student. She spends most of her free time studying or working for her parent's store, leaving her without many hobbies or interests outside of school. Due to this, she was the only one among the class who was initially reluctant to Sensei's change in teaching strategy, actively arguing against it after school. She loves order and procedure, going out of her way to plan the details of the class beach trips, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, and the first Dorm War.

Makoto is also extremely quick-witted, matching Sensei in battles of sarcasm and being consistently high in the exam rankings, a fact she prides herself in. This pride in her intelligence can lead to her unintentionally belittling those she sees as dumb, such as Ami or Kirin. She enjoys speaking about deeper or higher level concepts, such as genomics, desperate for said discussion to the point of chasing off both Kirin and Sensei for derailing.

Both these aspects of her are, ultimately, ways for her to cope with her chronic depression. She puts a great deal of effort into restraining her emotions and hiding her pain. As the game progresses, though, this becomes less effective. She begins to spiral into spouts of pessimism when alone with Sensei or on her own and, when pushed to the extreme, she can easily find it in herself to take extreme measures.



Makoto views Sensei as a replacement for her father, a role model to idolize and strive to be like. At the start of the game, she holds him in high regard, respecting his teaching strategy and serious character and even wanting to be a teacher herself after graduation. This admiration has morphed into a small crush by the time Sensei 'wakes up'.

Once he reveals his true personality, her feelings for him both deepen and become more complex. While her crush on him grows, she becomes increasingly exhausted and sarcastic toward him. She often chastises him for his irresponsibility, lack of empathy and his sadistic sense of humor. While she has hope that, someday, he'll return to his previously upright self, she does enjoy the new version of him, seeing it as a way to relieve the tension in her life. And this doesn't exclude her from loving the "current version" of him either, often securing private time with him, and going so far as to seize a permanent place in his life.


Maki is Makoto's mother and sole caretaker since her father left for war. Despite raising her for her entire life, Makoto isn't nearly as fond of Maki as she is her father, seeing her mother as an annoyance more often than not. While she does love Maki, the stark difference in parenting techniques between her and her father leaves her desiring a more authoritative figure. Their relationship does start to mend itself following the death of Masahiro, even beginning to have family dinner together again.

Despite these improvements, Makoto still refrains from discussing personal issues with Maki.


Makoto's father. Due to being absent for the entirety of the game, very few specifics have been given about their relationship. What is known, though, is that Makoto deeply respected and loved him, being naturally drawn to him due to his more strict parenting. The two would often take fishing trips together and he would carry her around on his shoulders as a child. She was devastated upon the news of his death and completely inconsolable for weeks. She affectionately referred to him as 'Daddy'.


Being Miku's roommate, the two girls have grown close to each other, even before the start of the game. The specifics of their meeting haven't been stated, but they're shown to be extremely close as Makoto is one of the few people who knows about Miku's past and how to deal with her breakdowns. The two girls share nearly everything and Makoto can often be found by Miku's side at parties or hangouts, usually to keep tabs on her condition. It's this close bond that allows the two to stay amicable, even after Miku progresses her relationship with Sensei.

Being Miku's roommate, and long time friend, the two girls are extremely close to each other. The specifics of their meeting aren't stated, but Makoto is among the few who know about Miku's past and how to deal with her PTSD episodes. The two girls share nearly everything together and Makoto can often be found as Miku's side at parties or casual hangouts, usually to make sure she remains safe. Makoto deeply values Miku's safety, much more than anything else, and she deals with any potential threats to said safety without mercy or restraint.

As of Acute Love Triangle, the girls are rivals in love, though this affects the relationship between the two very little as Miku isn't as possessive.


Ami and Makoto are often seen bickering in class due to Ami's jealousy of Makoto's role as Sensei's assistant. This fighting is never shown to go beyond petty insults and is most likely superficial, as Ami is among the first to extend sympathy after the class learns about her father's death. While Makoto claims the two of them aren't friends after this, few seem to believe this.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Life’s far too ugly to even be close to a poem."
  • "I’ve gotta watch what I say or somebody might think I’m a slut."
  • "I am now delicious."
  • "And then you could go into space and fucking suffocate because my life sucks and things like that just happen to me now."


  • Despite not having many interests, Makoto does have a casual one in anime, watching shows with Miku.
  • According to Maki in Maki Miyamura's Mom-Mode Mission, Makoto slept in her parent's bed until she was nine.
  • Makoto carries around a picture of Sensei in her wallet, as revealed by Miku in Thighs On-Demand.
  • Makoto loves coffee and often goes to Koi Cafe to relax, usually during her evenings off.
    • She usually orders a caramel macchiatto, a drink Sensei thinks fits her well as both share the same traits – being sweet and mildly complicated.
    • Makoto also has her own personal coffee machine that she keeps in her dorm room.