Friend Zone Fight!

"Friend Zone Fight!" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.




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Autoplays after "Alive & Active! All Out Athletics!". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Operation: Firestarter".

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  • +1 Second Floor


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Sensei arrives at the cafe, and Haruka approaches him, concerned about his students hurting her business by loitering, though he assumes that the two wealthiest of them will make up for her loss. Rin and Otoha join them and explain the contest to him and Haruka – Sensei has to spend time with both contestants until one of them starts flirting back or their roommates spot any sign of them showing interest in him.

Between his students being adorable across the board and them fighting for him, Haruka feels like he lucked out with his class, and while he agrees with this in general, he can't agree with her at the moment when the current contest entails him being rejected over and over again. After a quick talk with the Miyamura's about Miku's victory, the contest begins.

  • Sensei's first attempts end quickly as Rin immediately shoos him away and Otoha doesn't react much to him.
  • His second attempt with Rin is more successful once she mentions that not asking for her number is a sign he doesn't like her, as he confesses he already got it. This triggers a strong reaction form her, and while Sensei tries to pry a confession out of her, Futaba intervenes and shoos him off again to let them discuss a strategy. Back with Otoha, she, once again, doesn't react much to him and even laughs at some of his attempts.
  • Frustrated, Sensei questions how he's supposed to end this when Otoha is completely immune to him and Futaba intercepts any of his moves. Hearing this, Nodoka decides to participate as well and gives Sensei a simple yet effective tip – If Rin is able to resist him, he should make an offer that includes the one thing she can't resist. Realizing what she's implying, Otoha tries to stop it, but Sensei ignores her and goes back to Rin.
  • Back at their table, Futaba tries to set some ground rules, but Sensei ignores her and tells Rin that Otoha agreed to go on a date with them after the contest. She completely falls for it, proclaiming that, while Kaori would be more favorable, she would go out with him since she finds him attractive, losing the contest in the process.

While the contest is going on, the following interactions take place:

  • Uta tries to convince Io to participate, but after receiving one too many snarky comments from her, she gives up.
  • Haruka notices Molly's sadness and tries to distract her from what's troubling her.
  • Ayane asks Touka if she adapted to her new life yet, but she has a hard time doing so and assumes that Ayane felt similarly, but she confesses that she was poor until her father became wealthy and never really adapted to her wealth. She assures Touka that she won't rely on her wealth soon too, a sentiment she appreciates before asking if has Ayane seen Yasu anywhere.

After informing Makoto about the result, Sensei and the girls make their way to the library.

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  • Event Default Name = Friend Zone Fight!
  • Event Script Name(s) = dormwar5
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update .17.