In Circles

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Some of the girls are playing truth or dare. Miku chooses a truth, and Chika asks who in the class she would murder if she could get away with it. Miku, when not allowed to say nobody, suggests Yumi, leading to a discussion about Yumi between Chika and Nodoka. In the next round of truth or dare, Noriko asks Chika if she would have accepted Rin when she confessed if she hadn't been interested in a certain man. Chika says that she probably would have, but since she doesn't want to make things weird for Rin's current relationship, she'll kill anyone who spreads word of it. In the next round, Uta picks Touka who she thinks is the most attractive person in the entire world — she picks Seth Rogan. Next, Touka asks Makoto if she has ever watched a pornographic film — when Miku stops her denying it, Makoto vents about how much she is exposed to, and how unappealing she finds it. Makoto asks Nodoka if she's just putting up a front about her fascination with sexual topics, given that nobody ever sees her actually doing anything — Nodoka says that it isn't, but declines to elaborate. Then, amidst a lot of argument about the rules, Nodoka dares Uta to kiss Sensei.

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  • Event Default Name = In Circles
  • Event Script Name(s) = halloweentwo9
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .20p2.