The Color White

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Sensei makes his way back to the hotel room, but the hallway is eerily quiet. When he opens the door to check if someone’s still there, he finds the room only illuminated by the TV and Yasu singing karaoke. He enjoys watching her performance until Touka appears next to him. She tells him that Yasu waited all night to sing and that she stayed behind to watch over her as the rest of the class left to watch the fireworks. Apparently, Yasu didn’t ask the girls if she could sing since she didn’t want to bother anyone. Touka explains that both see themselves as outliers, but where Touka is confident that she can be a part of the class, Yasu doesn’t even consider this possibility, even though she wants to.

Sensei thinks that she would have a better chance if she would tone down her attempts to convert everyone. Touka is aware of that and hopes that everyone can see her shy and concerned site one day, because while she’s still annoyed by her, she still likes her since she’s her first friend and hopes that Sensei will like her after more nights like this as well. He decides to wait and see how things develop. Touka asks him if the bear she carried all night has found a new home and Sensei is sure that it has.

At the bench outside of the hotel, Miku confessed to Makoto that she kissed Sensei. She apologizes and promises that she tried her best to ignore her feelings, but Makoto tells her that it’s not possible to ignore them if it causes her to suffer. She was also aware of her feelings for him after her last panic attack and expected something like this to happen, but hoped that it wouldn’t happen so soon. She also assures her that this doesn’t affect their friendship, even if they’re now rivals for Sensei’s affection.

At the same time on a bridge, Futaba takes care of a drunk Nodoka while Rin talks to Otoha about how she’s keeping their relationship a secret. Because they don’t make any progress in resolving their issues, Rin ends the call to help Futaba.

Meanwhile, in Tsubasa’s hotel room, Tsukasa ordered one serving of sausage fest for Chinami and herself while Tsubasa talks with Chika about her relationship with Sensei and how they decided to take it slow. Chika wonders if that’s a sign of something bad, but Tsubasa assures her that there’s nothing to worry about, reminding her of their night at the spa.

Yasu finishes her performance and is shocked to see Sensei behind her. She apologizes for her performance, but Sensei compliments her efforts, making her smile in the process. She informs him that someone is waiting for him on the roof and he remembers his meeting with Maya. She also recommends him to count the stairs while he makes his way out of the room.

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  • Chika vaguely remembers being in the hotel room before, meaning that this was the same room Sensei used during the dorm war.
    • She mentions that she was drunk at the time, though that is only the case when the event The Princess & The Pauper happened since they don’t drink when the requirements for that event weren’t met, and yet this line comes even if the event was missed.

Event References

  • Event Default Name = The Color White
  • Event Script Name(s) = christmastwo19
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .22.