Everything Evil

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As Sensei leaves dorm room #7, he runs into Molly. As a result, Sensei gets another mental breakdown in which Molly’s voice accuses him of taking advantage of her and demands to know how far he went and why he did it. When he snaps out of it, the real Molly wants to know why he avoids her and if it’s her fault. Sensei negates that but has no intention to talk about it with her, but Molly, on the verge of tears and irritated from being avoided for two months for no clear reason, forces him into her room.

Sensei and Molly sit at the desk in the center of her room. Sensei accepts his fate and asks her what she wants. After an awkward start, Molly directly asks why she woke up with a stained costume. He can’t answer that, because he wasn’t in control, and asks her what she thinks why she did. She assumes that she forced him to do something he didn’t want to when she was drunk, but he asks if it’s possible that it was the other way around and that he used the situation to do something she didn’t want instead.

She thinks that he should remember that, because his judgment and memory weren’t clouded by alcohol, but he explains that he has moments where he zones out and does things he didn’t intend or want to do while in that state. Molly assures him that she felt no pain afterwards and, therefore, whatever he did wasn’t anything too serious. She was under the impression that she initiated something that night due to a combination of alcohol, sorrow and being influenced by their last conversation.

As both can’t remember what occurred that night, Molly suggests to just make up a scenario of that event. Sensei criticizes her for treating that incident too lightly and confesses that he’s still affected by this, because he would never hurt her intentionally and is afraid that this happened. She trusts him enough to know that he wouldn’t harm her and is aware of his worries, which is why she wants to imagine a scenario where both were in control. After she makes up one, she admits that she wouldn’t mind being more intimate with him as long as she’s conscious next time.

Sensei, uncomfortable with the situation and unsure what she’s proposing, suggests to just leave that night in the past and move on, which she agrees with. With the issue resolved Molly asks him what he would like as a Christmas present. He figures that she got him for the gift exchange, but she tells him that this is a purely hypothetical question. He answers that he would accept anything she thinks he would like.

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  • Event Default Name = Everything Evil
  • Event Script Name(s) = christmastwo5
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This Event was added in Update .22.