Lives and Minds of Laymen

"Lives and Minds of Laymen" is a Main Event.

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  • Wednesday
  • You must be on at least Day 302 to unlock this Event.
  • You must have seen or permanently missed the following Events:

To get this event

Upon fulfilling all Requirements, this Event automatically occurs on the first Wednesday on or after Day 302.

To miss this event

This event is not missable.


There are no choices in this event.




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Sensei is sitting in his office, waiting for Touka and Tsubasa to arrive. Unsurprisingly, Touka still hasn't accepted the way he runs his class and wants a meeting with him and her mother, both to address her complaints and, possibly, see him removed from his position. Once the inevitable knock on his door comes, he braces himself for the conversation ahead.

The girls enter, and, as he expected, Touka shows her displeasure by pouting. Touka is dissatisfied with how nothing has changed since her arrival, both on a personal and academic level, and wants him to do his job and teach the class. She's even more confused by his passiveness given his extensive background in literature, something she let her secretary investigate to make sure he isn't a fraud, but when he takes a weird pride in him being an actual teacher, she asks if someone else can become her teacher due to her having already a hard time holding a normal conversation with him.

Tsubasa encourages her to expand her worldview and begin to "express herself like a common man, but think like a wise man". Touka wants to know if Sensei knows who said this, and to her, and even his own, surprise he immediately knows it's a quote from Aristotle. This makes her even angrier because he's clearly fit to teach and only seems to make fun of her by refusing to do so, asking for his removal from his position, but Tsubasa declines her plea and instead demands that Touka does everything Sensei wants, with him recognizing how dangerous this order can be. Touka complains that her status isn't recognize by anyone, and both Tsubasa and Sensei make it clear that she's just another normal girl and, therefore, should show her own strengths by living like one.

Touka hesitantly agrees with this, but has no clue how she could start living like one, so Sensei suggests once again to let her live at the dorms. After being given an explanation on what the dorms are, with him omitting the fact that he visits them on a regular basis, Touka is inclined to try living there, making her mother tear up with joy by her daughter showing personal growth, but she's still hesitant to do so, especially when Sensei can't say if living there will actually help or not. She finally agrees when given the opportunity to experience "commoner activities" and is fine with not having a roommate for a while.

Touka is willing to put a bit more faith into him, but he manages to ruin the moment, and Touka ends up complaining about him until she and Tsubasa leave for their next appointment. Sensei still doesn't know if her moving into the dorms will be beneficial for her, but knows that it can't be worse than her first day in his class.

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Event References

  • Event Default Name = Lives and Minds of Laymen
  • Event Script Name(s) = day302
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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Event Changelog

This Event was added in Update .16p2.