Characters/Minor characters

This is a list of minor characters in Lessons in Love.

, also known as Nao and Ima, is a character who first appeared in Mother's Milk. They are a self-proclaimed embodiment of ever-changing fear and reside within a location they refer to as the "Wishing Well". It is unclear who or exactly what they are, but they seem to hold an extraordinary awareness of both who Sensei is and what he's done. As such, they hold him extremely low regard.

They take a form resembling Ami, though the reason for this is unclear.


Amy is a character who first appeared in Amy. She bears a strong resemblance to Ami, but is seemingly an entirely different person, having never even heard of Kumon-mi. Additional, her body is extremely warped, having hairs which cut into fabric, lacking legs or hands, and

She currently lives in a place referred to as the "Great Pareidolia Mall", an ever-expanding Mall that few people currently inhabit. She claims to have met Sensei before, telling him he helped "rip number 17" out of her mouth when her gums became infected.

Unlike Ami, Amy is notably more reserved and quiet, getting embarrassed at the prospect of holding hands, going on a date, and even struggled to initially approach Sensei upon their reunion. There are other traits Amy shares with Ami, though, such as both their mothers singing the song "Daisy Bell" to them as children, as well as their adoration of Sensei.

Throughout Sensei's "date" with Amy, she reveals many small bits of information about herself:

  • Amy previously had a boyfriend. Their relationship came to an end, though, when he somehow fell into one of the "holes" found within the Mall. She adamantly claims she had nothing to do with this incident.
  • Amy has a degenerative bone disease which prevents her from engaging in any strenuous activity. Despite this, she claims to be strong enough in order to lift Sensei up alone.
  • Amy had once acquired a tapeworm, resulting in her needing to eat large amounts of bread in order to remove excess moisture from her body.
  • Unlike Ami, Amy's mother is still alive, and the two regularly meet up on Wednesdays to get their retinal fluid refilled.

Barista Who Only Shows Up In This Event

Barista Who Only Shows Up In This Event is a character only seen in Couple's Discount (Sea of Diamonds). She is a worker at the newly opened cafe that the group visits in order to take advantage of their couples' discount.

Chiaki Chosokabe

Chiaki Chosokabe is the mother of Chika and Chinami. She first appeared via a picture in A Castle for Everyone, and physically appeared in Curry Night. Very little is known about her, aside from her daughters adoration of her. She was the sole caretaker of both Chosokabe sisters after her husband ditched her following the birth of Chinami and worked tirelessly to ensure the two girls were raised the best they could be.

She is suggested to have been asthmatic, requiring an inhaler after a particularly nasty coughing fit.


Doctor is a character who first appeared in An Apple Each Day. They were a doctor who Yasu's mother took Yasu to in order to get a diagnosis on her daughter's condition. After arguing with her over the validity of his prognosis, he gives Yasu's mother a referral to another doctor to help in Yasu's treatment.

Frank: Friend of Takoyaki Son, Son of Takoyaki Man

Frank: Friend of Takoyaki Son, Son of Takoyaki Man is a character first seen during Stripped Away. He is the best friend of Takoyaki Son, Son of Takoyaki Man.


Gary is a character who first appeared in Dead in the Water. Initially referred to Other Yakuza Dude, he is one of many Yakuza members who are stationed at the Yamaguchi Estate. He's seemingly a friend of Yakuza Dude. He is also, seemingly, on good terms with Yumi as she speaks fondly of him on multiple occasions.

His status within the Yamaguchi clan seems to be shaky, as by the time of Douchebag McDouchefuck he's been forced to give up his pinky as recompense for some unstated incident.


Geoffrey is Ayane's butler. He is never seen on-screen but is often mentioned or reference as being the primary enabler for Ayane's various antics. His past is shrouded in mystery, with the various girls in Sensei's class making references to dramatic moments or hijinks of his, such as a run-in with the Italian Mob. Makoto briefly meets him during the class' Halloween party.

Haruka's Husband

Haruka's Husband is the unnamed husband of Haruka. He has been married to her for years, having been each other's first loves. He was drafted into the space war before the events of the game. While his status was unknown for a long time, it is confirmed during The World Outside The Walls that he is still alive, haven't apparently never been deployed to the front lines.


Jimmy is a character who is initially mentioned during Swimming With Sharks as being the son of Totally Legitimate Mother (Mary) before later being seen during Mother May I. He is a, supposedly, young boy who's been chained to his computer by a video game development studio and forced to continuously produce content for ten years.

This is most likely a reference to Selebus, the real-world developer of Lessons in Love, and the projected development time for the game's full-scope.

Kirin and Karin's Father

Kirin and Karin's Father is a character who is never seen on-screen, being occasionally mentioned by his daughters in passing. Very little is known about him, other than him having a very good relationship with Karin and a comparatively worse one with Kirin.

While his exact profession is unknown, it is implied his job is of some great importance, as he is one of the few males who weren't drafted in the ongoing space war.

Manny the Friendly Maggot

Manny the Friendly Maggot is a character only seen during the event A Life of Prizes. He is supposedly one of Sensei's friends and provides him with companionship as he tries to solve the various magazine sweepstakes scattered around his room. The two only speak once, with them bonding over their shared hatred of puzzles in video games.

According to him, he has yet to figure out the solution to the event Word of the Day.

Masahiro Miyamura

Masahiro Miyamura was the father of Makoto and Maki's husband. He was recruited into the space war and died of asphyxiation two months prior to Whispers of the World.


Matthew is a character who first appeared in Chashu (A Cracked Bowl). He was a customer at Sara's Bar during its first public Christmas party. He was asked by Sara to retrieve some equipment from one of the store's backrooms.

Maya 2

Maya 2 is a character first seen during Utinam Ne Illum Numquam Conspexissem. She is a miniature version of Maya with an engorged head, capable of only saying the words "Cha cha cha". She constantly follows around the "happy" version of Ami, who apparently obtain her in order to get Sensei to pay her more attention.


Moyo is a character who first appeared in The Room With Clocks. They are a disfigured version of Maya, with mangled fingers, and strange splotches on her skin. She doesn't seem to be entirely sentient, acting more akin to a pet that 79 looks after, with the two rarely appearing apart.

Whenever Moyo attempts to speak, her voice comes out as a blaring screech.

Nodoka Fans

Nodoka Fans are a collection of characters first seen in This is Us, where they are all fans of the in-game writings of Nodoka Nagasawa.

Rie Rokuhara

Rie Rokuhara is an unseen character that is first mentioned during James and the Giant Peach (Together-ish). She's the former partner of Rika Rokuhara and, as such, is Rin's other mother. Very little is known about her, aside from small tidbits shared by both Rika and Rin, such as the latter's admiration of her beauty.


Saki is a character who first appeared in Everything is Connected. She is a character from the game Nothing is Beautiful, in which she is a member of an unofficial afterschool club she and her friends have formed.

Saki is also the name of Sensei's mother.

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí is a character based on the real-life Spanish surrealist artist of the same name. He first appears during Essence of Eiderdown, where he talks to Sensei during one of his "black outs". The two speak entirely in Spanish, where he gives Sensei advice for how to "see the sunset".

He has a pet cat named "Frankie".

Sana's Brother

Sana's Brother was the brother of Sana and the son of Sara. He died sometime before the start of the game, and the circumstances around his death were long shrouded in mystery, due mostly to both Sara and Sana's discomfort discussing him. It was eventually revealed in Mine (Yours) that he was killed on the way back home from his friend's place.

Sensei's Legs

Sensei's Legs are a set of characters who first appeared in Backwards Dancing. They are Sensei's legs which were mysteriously granted sentience at seemingly random. Left Leg is snarky, individualistic, and very resentful of Sensei for always walking on them. Right Leg meanwhile was "born with" a neurological deficiency, rendering him unable to speak in anything but strings of numbers.

Taco Man

Taco Man is a character who first appeared in Something Less Lonely. He is the cashier in a Mexican restaurant that Sensei takes the Tsukioka family out to during their day-trip to the Entertainment District. His brother was one of the janitors at the school who was killed by Ayane.

Takoyaki Son, Son of Takoyaki Man

Takoyaki Son, Son of Takoyaki Man is a character who is first seen in Stripped Away, where he is a vendor located within the amusement park that Sensei and Tsuneyo visit. He gets extremely nervous speaking to women, causing him to often scream and shout obscenities at them instead. He is best friends with Frank: Friend of Takoyaki Son, Son of Takoyaki Man, the both of whom managed to dodge the draft which sent most other men into space.

As suggested by his name, he is the son of the takoyaki vendor seen during Takoyaki. The two are shown to be on bad terms.

Totally Legitimate Mother (Mary)

Totally Legitimate Mother (Mary) is a character who first appeared during Swimming With Sharks. She is a spokesmen for a faux-advertisement that is played during the middle of the event as part of a gag. She has a son named Jimmy whose recent addiction to the game being advertised as started to fracture their family dynamic, and so begs for the developers to help her "save her son".

She is later briefly seen during Mother May I as part of a similar gag.

Tsuneyo's Father

Tsuneyo's Father is the father of Tsuneyo. He is extremely ill and lives isolated in the apartment above Tojo Ramen.


Wormwood is one of Yasu's many stuffed rabbit toys. He is first Down The Rabbit Hole where he's one of the members of a tea party Yasu's holding in order to celebrate the return of summer. While normally little more than a stuffed toy, Sensei is able to hear him speak on one occasion, where he warns Sensei that he must fulfill "his role" lest he and everyone falls further down the "rabbit hole".

According to Yasu, he is fond of dried papaya.

Yakuza Dude

Yakuza Dude is a character first seen in Dead in the Water. They are a Yakuza member who is stationed at the Yamaguchi estate. They appear to be friends with Gary.


Yomiel is one of Yasu's many stuffed rabbit toys. While he is first seen during Down the Rabbit Hole, he is not mentioned by name, with his first named and speaking appearance being during いないいない。。。ばあ!. During said event, he is the special guest the Plants invited to one of their meetings in hopes he could provide more information about the mysterious woman who's been haunting Sensei. He's unable to do so, resulting in Plant 4 and him getting into a brief fight.

According to him, he and his brethren have been placed all throughout Kumon-mi to act a silent observers.