Eternity Until

"Eternity Until" is an Event for Nao-chan.

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As Sensei begins to take Nao home, he finds himself feeling much more positive than earlier. This feeling is shattered however when he feels himself being followed once again. He ponders to himself if this fear is strong enough for him to consider sacrificing Nao just so he can feel a little better. He decides it's not, accepting that Nao is his responsibility for the day and that if anything were to happen to her, he'd never forgive himself – But he struggles to explain why he feels this way.

Having asserted this concern, he decides to ask Nao if she's hungry, and she emphatically responds with a yes. He chides himself slightly for his lack of consideration but shifts some of the blame onto Nao for not expressing her hunger earlier. Gesturing, Nao defends herself by reminding him she can't speak. Using this as a segue, Sensei pries into the details about her muteness, informing her that any attempt at speaking would greatly help in communication. Nao points out how she doesn't need to speak as he's been able to understand her plenty without talking – Additionally, she demonstrates that she’s physically incapable of making any kind of sound with her mouth. Dropping the issue, Sensei tells her to sign what she wants to eat tonight. He's unable to understand her elaborate gesturing and settles on taking her to Tojo Ramen, which ends up being what she wanted all along.

The two arrive at Tojo Ramen, finding not only Tsuneyo but a surprised Noriko. The former greets the two and, after Sensei explains that Nao is a "friend of a friend", Tsuneyo immediately shifts to her usual customer service talk. Sensei takes a seat next to Noriko who explains that she's here to strategize about their contest in the upcoming Dorm Wars. Sensei still has no clue what they have to do for their challenge, so she gives him a summary based on how she understood it. Meanwhile, Tsuneyo handles Nao, easily making friends with her by displaying the same inexplicable understanding that Chinami displayed earlier. After confirming Nao's order, Tsuneyo retreats to the back, retrieving a set of colored pencils and some paper for Nao to doodle on while her food is prepared. Noriko finds this level of motherliness endearing, prompting Sensei to relay Chika's own fit of maternal affection from earlier. The two's conversation is interrupted by Nao however when she begins to ask for his attention. Turning to face her, he finds her showing off a drawing of some abstract figure. He tries to figure out what it is but ultimately fails, praising her work after Tsuneyo and Noriko both do the same. Content, Nao places down her drawing and begins to eat.

After finishing her food, Tsuneyo takes Nao's drawing and places it on the nearby fridge. Having now fulfilled his duties as a babysitter, Sensei begins to lead Nao out of the restaurant so he can return home. Noriko and Tsuneyo both say goodbye to the two of them and they board the bus headed towards Kaori's apartment.

In front of Kaori's door, Sensei says his goodbyes after relaying a few text messages he received from Kaori on the ride over. Before he leaves though, he asks once again what her earlier drawing was – Specifically, he asks if it was just something she made up. Nao denies this, guiding his attention to something behind him.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue depending on if Sensei saw Somewhere.
  • The poetry beginning with the line "A solemn thing it was I said" and ending with "Eternity until" is a excerpt of Emily Dickinson's poem, "A Solemn Thing It Was I Said".
  • The ending part of this event is not repeatable when viewed from the Event Replayer.

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  • Event Default Name = Eternity Until
  • Event Script Name(s) = naospecial3
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.32.