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"This is Us" is an Event for Nodoka Nagasawa.

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The group steps off the train, walking the rest of the way to the venue. Upon arriving, Sensei is surprised to find both the venue and the amassed crowd to be far above his expectations. Nodoka is soon pulled away by the staff and the remaining three take their place among the sea of people. As they wait for Nodoka to step on stage, Sensei notes the inordinate amount of attention people are giving him, slowly becoming more and more uncomfortable. An announcer soon steps up on stage, breaking him free of his anxiety, and formally beginning the panel.

Nodoka steps on stage, waits for the crowd's cheers to dissipate, and begins her introduction. Opting to skip the usual PR talk, she immediately jumps into the Q&A portion of her panel, scanning the audience for participants.

  • The first person she calls first applauds Nodoka for pushing deeper into the taboos she usually touches upon in her books. They then ask why she chose the setting she did, as it seems extremely cliche, especially when compared to her other works. After briefly teasing the audience member, she confesses that the story she wanted to tell could only work in a school, as the innocence of the characters contrasts the dark themes of the story.
  • The second person she calls asks how Nodoka plans on handling the ending, as a large number of prospective romances would seem to make it difficult. Nodoka explains that the “romances” in her book aren't such and that the characters present don't necessarily deserve love. Nevertheless, she confesses that ending a story with so many possibilities essentially guarantees that not everyone will end up happy, but that she's personally not concerned with the ending at the moment. Hearing all this, Rin, Otoha, and Sensei slowly realize the inspiration for this story.
  • The third person she calls first asks about her book's protagonist, remarking that their lack of background information makes them feel extremely closed-off and unimportant. Nodoka disagrees, arguing that only a truly disgusting person could do the things the protagonist does and that a “sickness” like that usually comes from someone else. The fan tries to pry deeper into this second half, but she advises them not to dwell on the reason behind the protagonist's actions and instead focus on predicting what their actions will lead to. Moving on, the fan asks their second question, this time about the lack of lesbian romances in this book. She tells them they'll come soon, causing Rin to smile sheepishly while Otoha regrets not reading her book in advance.
  • The fourth fan Nodoka calls on is revealed to be Rika, who's joined the crowd out of curiosity. She asks Nodoka if she's the same girl who spoke to her during Halloween. The crowd immediately begins to suspect Rika of having ulterior motives, because they notice similarities between her and characters from the book, which she's forced to struggle against. Spotting her mom, Rin joins in, and the two bicker, which results in the crowd noticing Sensei and the girls, thinking they’re cosplayers. When the crowd gets too excited, Nodoka seizes back control and asks them to leave the “cosplayers” alone.

The Q&A continues, with Sensei noting how each proceeding question becomes more and more unsettling. He silently broods to himself, unsure of how to feel about Nodoka using their personal lives as inspiration so blatantly, and equally as unsure as to why the crowd seems to like his character so much. When the crowd starts to disperse, Rika approaches him, having been silently judging him throughout the panel. He assures her that he has no interest in Nodoka's book and takes the opportunity to ask about her living situation, which she confirms is still terrible but might improve soon. She offers to take him out for dinner, but he turns her down, still having plans for later. As she leaves, she hands him her number, telling him to call whenever he likes.

Sensei returns to the girls and all of them find shelter in the employee lounge as they wait for the crowds to disperse more. During this, Rin and Otoha both chastise Nodoka for her disregard for their privacy. He opts to remain silent, disturbed but mildly impressed by how close she pays attention to him.

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