Personal Information
Name Pareidolia
Birthday (Age) Unknown (n/a)
Type of Character Other
Additional Information
Hair Color unknown
Eye Color unknown
Height unknown
Job(s) unknown
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
Family unknown
  • "The Trinity"
First Appearance
Notes unknown

Pareidolia is a character in Lessons In Love. They are a mysterious observer who seems to hold a large amount of influence over Kumon-mi. They are, occasionally, one of the narrators.


Little is known about Pareidolia as a person, having appeared seemingly out of nowhere during the events of Ad Infinitum. There, they give allusion that they are quite weak, but grow stronger and stronger by the day. It is unclear how or why they've been growing stronger.

Whatever power they do hold though seems to give them a considerably high amount of influence over the city of Kumon-mi and Sensei's mind. They demonstrate various God-like abilities, such as being able Sensei's perception, future sight, and even claiming to rule over the season of Spring.

They initially speak entirely in lowercase, before breaking this habit following the 6th Reset. They still occasionally slip into lowercase and claim they may also slip into speaking in capitalized letters, similar to Hope.


Pareidolia, initially, comes off as very cryptic and mysterious, stating very little about both themselves and their intentions. They present themselves as something Sensei can rely on, assuring him that they'll be able to protect his loved ones so long as he follows their guidance.

As the story progresses, they display a much more childish and domineering personality, bemoaning when things don't go according to plan and then insisting that Sensei is against them. When they are finally "in control", their personality wraps around, displaying an inflated sense of superiority and mocking Sensei for things they perceive as ridiculous or childish.



Sensei is the only person seen ever interacting with Pareidolia directly, in some cases due to them directly "connecting" to him. They initially speak to him cautiously, declaring that they aren't on his side, but that following them is the only "right" path as they are the only one who will use him for "good".

By the next time they meet, Pareidolia is much more friendly towards Sensei, openly inviting him to follow their guidance and promising him that they can protect his loved ones should he choose to do so. They provide him comfort during a turbulent time in his life and promise him that some day he will happy.

Their attitude towards him entirely changes when Spring arrives, mocking and demeaning Sensei for the way he reacts to Maya disappearing, calling him childish names and insisting that he will obey their command. Despite this shift in opinion, they still are somewhat considerate towards him, offering to leave him alone in his grieving period.

Memorable Quotes

  • "but if you ask me what i see - i would tell you that i see the future. and in that future, you are there. you are happy."
  • "beautiful things emerge from the dark, AKIRA. i really am on your side."


  • Pareidolia's appearance was derived from the example used in the Wikipedia page for Pareidolia at the time of his first appearance.