Mine (Yours)

"Mine (Yours)" is an Event for Sana Sakakibara.

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Sensei knocks on the door to Room 2 to see Sana, who he assumes is playing a game due to the sounds of gunfire coming from the other side. After being called in, he notices that Sana has tied up her hair again, though she remains unfazed by him pretending not to recognize her this time. When he claims that his reaction was warranted due to the gun noises, making it possible that she was replaced during an actual gunfight, she explains that she was trying to improve her skills for her next session with Rin. She suggests he should try playing some games as well to impress some of the girls in his class, only to admit that she wants him to join her because a real-life opponent is more favorable than the AI. He notices that this was her intention all along, only to be surprised when she gives him a confirming wink.

Sana recalls how much she improved since their first meeting at the bar, until she realizes a discrepancy between the time they spent together and the fact that they only know each other for a few months. Sensei decides to see where this goes, but the world interferes, and he finds himself sitting next to Sana on her bed and playing a shooter with her instead. Sana says that time flies when friends are having fun and Sensei, confused on how he ended up like this yet manages to at least play the game on what he assumes is muscle memory, agrees with her on the time part, but clarifies that he doesn't see any of the girls as friends.

Sana is taken aback by his comment and wants to know he sees them then. Sensei feels like he can't answer this because his answer is simple but seems complicated – Since he has a unique relationship with every single one of them, he can't define them with a single word, so trying to label them with one would be impossible and pointless and just seeing them as the individuals they are is more logical. Sana asks if she can still call him her friend, and he tells her he doesn't care how she decides to call him as long as she doesn't ask him to define their status again. She's fine with that since he never presses her to answer things she doesn't want to.

Sensei tells her she doesn't need to share things with him if she doesn't want to, but offers her an open ear in case she changes her mind. After a short moment of silence, she reveals that it's been several years since her brother died, though it feels even longer to her, that he was stabbed on his way back home one night, that both she and her mother have a lock of his hair in a box near their beds, how her mother opened it every night before crying herself to sleep, and how she herself won't open her box anymore to not be reminded of his absence and the rapid passage of time. Before Sensei can ask what she's doing, she tells him that she wants to make her secrets his, because in order to feel the feeling she wants to feel, he needs to see her as a friend and not as Sana.

Their gaming session goes on after this, and Sensei tries his best to ignore what Sana told him, claiming hat everyone would in this situation, even if the person in question needed it to happen at that moment.

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