Personal Information
Name Noodles
Birthday (Age) Unknown (n/a)
Type of Character Other
Additional Information
Hair Color unknown
Eye Color unknown
Height ?′ ?′′ (?cm)
Job(s) Second Floor "Security Guard"
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
Family Tsuneyo Tojo (Owner)
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance Supreme Overlord
Notes unknown

Noodles is a character in Lessons In Love. He was introduced in v0.7.0.


Noodles is a stray bird who accidentally wandered inside the girl's dorm during Supreme Overlord. While initially having only a throwaway appearance, he later reappears in Lifting the Curse, being named Noodles by Tsuneyo after she notices him.


Residing mostly in a stationary position in the second floor of the dorms, Noodles doesn't speak or show up beyond a few off-hand mentions from Tsuneyo or Sensei. The few times he has spoken, though, reveal he is a deeply existential bird, often reminding Sensei of the fleeting nature of reality or cryptically warning him about encroaching disaster.



Noodles views Sensei as his father, often calling him such when they speak. Despite this, he also harbors a grudge towards him for supposedly "walking out" on him and Tsuneyo. This grudge is evidentially not too strong, as Noodles makes no attempt to avoid Sensei whenever he appears at class events.


Noodles views Tsuneyo as his mother and she reportedly spends a great deal of time with him when she's not working.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Caw :("
  • "CAW! (Tragedy will befall you, Father. Your time is nigh.)"
  • "CAW! (This moment of splendor will be temporary. Savor it while it lasts. For it is only in moments like these that we can truly appreciate the wonders of life.)"


  • Noodles was the winner of the fifth Lessons in Love Side Gravure Poll for September 2020.
  • In The Life of a Blue Whale, Sensei discovers Tsuneyo has given him a knife after he, apparently, asked for it.
  • While usually only Sensei can understand birds, Tsuneyo is also shown to be capable of understanding him.