Something Less Lonely

"Something Less Lonely" is an Event for Touka Tsukioka.

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Sensei continues spending time with the Tsukioka's and after multiple rounds of the same game he previously played with Rin, the group leave the arcade. As the sky turns dark, Sensei muses about the approaching summer, and silently wishes Tsukasa would stop bothering him with annoying questions. One question in particular about his and Chika's onsen trip sparks a brief conversation with Tsubasa and Touka.

After walking some more, the group decide to have dinner at a mexican restaurant located within the nearby subway station. Touka asks Sensei for assistance in ordering, but when it's made clear he'll intentionally sabotage her, she decides to try it on her own. After a confusing exchange, during which the two learn the employee is a relative of the janitor that Ayane accidentally killed, the group sit down to eat. The Tsukioka's all express confusion at the food, having never encountered tacos before. After the three express various levels of hesitancy, Touka offers to be the first to take a bite. Sensei notes that the Tsukioka's don't seem particularly impressed by the food, something he feels makes sense considering their upbringing. This thought makes him wonder about Tsukasa's recent comment about how much Touka seems to like him.

As he walks her back to the dorms, at her request, he struggles to understand why she'd possibly like him. In every interaction, he's been either dismissive, disrespectful, or condescending, and habitually takes advantage of her naivety to play pranks. He assumes something must be drawing her to him, and while he guesses it might be the power he holds over her education, he acknowledges that this might just be wishful thinking. Upon reaching the dorms, Touka thanks Sensei for putting with her and her family all day. Out of the blue, he asks her if she feels she wasted her childhood, mentioning that Tsubasa said something along those lines earlier. After taking a moment to ponder, Touka answers that she didn't — While there were many aspects of her childhood that were decided for her, in the end they made her a good person, which she's proud of. Sensei confirms this too.

Touka acknowledges that her childhood is an extremely small portion of her overall life, and tells Sensei that she feels no need to dwell on the past when it can't be changed. To her, as long as she can remain a good person, she'll endure anything — Even his relentless teasing. While she admits she'd appreciate him changing slightly, she decides to accept his behavior for the time being, deciding that even someone like him has a heart somewhere inside him. After telling him to acknowledge that emotional side of himself, she goes to leave, offering to spend time with him again someday.

As she steps inside, she thanks him one final time.

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  • Event Default Name = Something Less Lonely
  • Event Script Name(s) = toukaspecial15p3
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.


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This Event was added in Update .23p2.