The Legacy of Thaum Pt. IV

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"The Legacy of Thaum Pt. IV" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Autoplays after "No One Can Hear Us". This event belongs to an event chain started from "Walk Into The Water".

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Molly ropes Maya into a roleplaying exercise after coming to the conclusion that she’s the worst at roleplaying among the D&D group. She’s gathered Tsuneyo to be her assistant in the exercise, and Yasu to give Maya someone to play off of. Maya tries to get out of the exercise, feeling that she’s far from the worse in the group and feeling uncomfortable around Yasu, but gives in due to Molly’s insistence.

The scenario begins and Maya’s character, Urrheak, makes his way to the Cathedral of Misguided Souls, looking to come to a solution after falling out of faith with their god. Yasu’s character, Deirbhile, is one of the nuns at the Cathedral and asks Urrheak why he’s appeared before them. He explains that he’s lost his way, and come in search of answers as to what to do. Deirbhile offers help, but first asks what it is Urrheak is looking for in the first place, to which he responds ‘food’. She’s confused, as it was exactly that sort of gluttonous behavior that landed Urrheak at the cathedral in the first place. He responds that while that might be true, he still doesn’t care for the idea of God or find his existence all too important, as there are many things more important. Deirbhile finds hypocrisy in this statement, as it was Urrheak who even came to the cathedral in the first place, so he obviously wanted some sort of holy guidance.

The two argue back and forth until Maya finally snaps out of character and asks to have the session end, as she feels it’d be uncharacteristic for Urrheak to arrive at the cathedral in the first place. Yasu continues to play her character, upsetting Maya who then points out that the concept of God came from humans in order to explain the unexplainable. Molly tries to get Maya to back down, but she presses the situation as Yasu starts to exhibit her usual erratic behavior.

Tsuneyo comments that she feels Yasu is very good at roleplaying, to which Molly agrees, wondering if they can find a place for her in their campaign. As they start to discuss Rin’s recent absence from their sessions, Chika bursts through the door, telling the group to quiet down so they can watch Niki's Christmas concert.

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