Bra Shopping

"Bra Shopping" is an Event for Makoto Miyamura.

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Upon opening the door to Room 3, Sensei is overwhelmed by a sickeningly strong wave of hot air. Stepping inside, he finds both Makoto and Miku dressed lightly, the former explaining that their AC broke and they're awaiting repairs. Miku's quick to get out of the way of Makoto and Sensei, having to focus on studying due to her ever-slipping grades. He offers to take Makoto out on the town, but she refuses and goes back to her bed with Sensei following her. Makoto makes it apparent that she wants to be alone right now, but Sensei intends to fulfill his promise to be nicer to her. He jokingly states that it's all part of his plan to turn her into the perfect bride, but she suggests not to say things that might foreshadow future events.

She asks him what he wants to discuss with her, being out of options herself since she's currently tired from the "drama" surrounding Miku and Io. Having no other ideas, Sensei opts to ask her about her day, something that comes off as uncharacteristically nice, and as a result unsettling, to Makoto. Nevertheless, she begins to recount her day to him, all of which sounds standard until she mentions assisting Yumi with her homework. This piques his interest, still not having an explanation for how Yumi got back into school between Halloween and Christmas. Contrary to Sensei's assumption that she did it to get back at Nodoka for the first Dorm Wars, she helped Yumi get her admission back because she felt it was her obligation as a "future teacher" to assist any student willing to learn. He thanks her for assisting Yumi, even if she doesn't necessarily deserve it.

Makoto says it's her "specialty" but asks where his sudden interest in Yumi comes from since he didn't seem to care when it was happening. He nonchalantly states that it was because he was busy resetting the world and wasn't conscious for it, but Makoto doesn’t recognize that reference. When she continues to hold a conversation about the reset, he suddenly realizes she hasn't changed the subject yet, though Makoto fails to see why she would, especially when she’s able to have a casual one with him. He explains that this conversation shouldn’t be possible since the world usually makes anyone who isn’t in the know change the subject, yet she speaks about it like she’s already in the know. To proof his point he tries talking to Miku about it, who changes the subject immediately. While Makoto initially writes it of as Miku being Miku, that changes when Miku cuts her off as well and repeats the same phrases whenever one of them speaks to her.

Sensei tells her that this happens with basically anyone, and that this is also the reason he can’t remember Yumi being allowed back to school. Makoto remembers the events clearly, though, and assumes him not remembering is due to his long-lasting memory problems, until she notices the inconsistency of knowing him for years despite having also only been in his class for one year. Having seen enough signs of her awareness, he tells Makoto to get dressed and makes a phone call.

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This Event was added in Update .31.0.