Suffer the Same

"Suffer the Same" is an Event for Makoto Miyamura.

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Having assembled the other members of the Rooftop Apocalypse Squad at the Miyamura family store, Maya and Ayane both express various levels of confusion. After confirming Maya's misunderstanding, he bluntly tells the two that Makoto is able to talk about the reset. After Ayane confirms that Maya's initial theory on how people become "aware" is still false, Maya asks her how much she knows, but she doesn’t know anything, only that Miku was acting weird when they talked to her. Makoto hopes that this is just a misunderstanding, but Maya confirms that it’s true, with both Ayane and her noting the complete lack of similarities between her and the former exceptions, Yumi and Tsuneyo. Maya gives her a brief summary of what the reset is, tells her how only her memories where transferred between them until Sensei and Ayane joined her for reasons still unknown, and shares her theory on how Sensei acts as an anchor for everyone's memory and that the continued "consciousness" of this specific iteration is causing more people to snap out of their ignorance.

These explanations only increases Makoto's distress, not helped by Sensei’s and Ayane's various chime-ins. She initially believes this all to be one elaborate prank on Sensei’s part, a theory that he easily disproves by citing his laziness. Maya tells her she's free to test the phenomena on people other than Miku if she wants further confirmation, because she either finds another exception or gets ignored otherwise. As the group plans their next steps, Ayane becomes frustrated with Maya's habitual disinterest in Makoto's feelings. This does little to sway Maya, because she only starts to care after someone “survives” the current cycle. It's during this exchange that Ayane confesses they’re aware of Makoto's relationship with Sensei, even knowing about his wallpaper and coming clean about their own relationships with him.

Makoto asks the three for advice on how to spend her time now that there’s no point in applying herself. Since they can’t guarantee that her memories will make it through the next reset, Ayane tells her to take life easy for now, but advises her to make her way to the school’s rooftop if she notices that the world around her “turns scary”. Makoto still has questions, but Maya, since she wants to leave, gives her her phone number so she can text her any remaining question. Afterward, the two leave and Sensei wonders if he can do something to prevent Makoto from being reset.

He asks her how she feels about this new perspective on life. As the shock has not worn off, all Makoto feels is a headache and exhaustion, though has come to accept the reality of the situation. She finds a silver lining in the fact that this revelation at least gives her a more important place in Sensei's life, somewhat relieved she doesn't have to forcibly make one herself. Confused by what she means, she reveals that the last "test" she handed to him days before was a marriage license. Now having some leverage over him, she spends the next portion of their time together teasing him, all while he desperately tries to pry the information of the license out of her. She assures him that she won’t use it, and if he actually intends to treat her nicely, he has nothing to worry about.

With that out of the way, Makoto decides to heed Ayane’s advice and just enjoys her life for now, especially after confirming that there are next to no repercussions.

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  • There actually is a commonality between every aware girl so far, even if it’s unclear if or in what capacity it influences their awareness – All girls where on the rooftop outside of a reset.

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