Rostrum of Recollection

"Rostrum of Recollection" is an Event for Miku Maruyama.

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The morning comes and with it the desire to see Miku again. Sensei rolls out of bed, desiring change but unsure of what kind and if he even will accept it when it comes. Nevertheless, he gets dressed and steps out of his bedroom.

Upon stepping into the living room, he finds Ami and Miku, the latter nervously shuffling in place. While Ami throws her trademark amount of passive-aggressive suspicion at Sensei for the ambiguous reason Miku's come to see him, she can tell that they have something to clear up between them and heads to work. Now alone with Miku, he bluntly asks her how they'll be discussing today's topic. Trying to ease into it, Miku recalls the first time they had to deal with the aftermath of one of her panic attacks. A lot's changed since then, both in terms of their relationship and how much they trust each other, so rather than sitting around and waiting for him to show up, Miku decided to come see him herself.

After a bit of awkward silence, Miku apologizes for putting Sensei in such an uncomfortable position last night – Rather than the usual discomfort her breakdowns bring, this one ended with her outright blaming him for things he didn't do just when he was trying to help. Sensei interjects, telling her she's giving him too much credit, as if he actually cared about her he would've been able to put his foot down sooner. Miku disagrees, citing how hard it is to intervene in other people's lives.

The two take a seat on the couch and Miku recounts to him all of what's happened in the last few hours. She first clarifies that Io didn't stop giving her medication, she just misplaced the bag she stored it in. Makoto ended up being the one to find it, who then gave her a gigantic lecture before crying, asking question after question, and flushing the remaining pills down the toilet. By morning, she'd also called Maki to schedule an appointment with a doctor. The only details Miku didn't tell Makoto were about Sensei and Io's involvement, something Sensei himself feels is only a matter of time before it's figured out. Miku asserts that he only tried talk Io and her out of it and that he can't blame himself for failing to achieve it, but he disagrees, telling her that as a teacher he has a responsibility to ensure his class' safety. Miku points out that he's also her friend, and how none of her other friends, sans Makoto, were able to step in either. She reasserts the blame is on herself for being an idiot, but now she can focus on getting better.

Sensei asks if there's anything he can do for her, which, with some struggling, Miku confirms. With a bit of encouragement, Miku decides to tell Sensei the story behind her breakdowns:
When Miku was a child, she awoke in the middle of the night to get something to drink. Upon stepping into the living room, though, she found an unknown pair of people rummaging around their house. Confused and scared, she then went to her parent's room, waking them up to ask who they were. Initially, they didn't believe her, but the sound of something falling in another room drew her father towards it. After hearing the sound of shouting, her mother hid her under the bed and chased after him. What followed next was more shouting, two loud bangs, and the fading sound of voices. When Miku gathered the courage to come out from hiding, she walked into the living room and found both her parents lifeless on the floor.

Back in the present, Miku's already started to shut down and struggles to get the final details of her story out, tearing up and blaming herself for what happened. Sensei tries to comfort her but fails to do much at all. She connects the final dots for him, explaining that loud noises send her back to that point in time, trying to shake the corpses of her parents awake. Feeling sick, Miku asks to use his bathroom, but because she can't guarantee that she won't pull her hair out while alone, decides to use Sensei's bed to sleep instead.

As Miku cries herself to sleep, Sensei silently applauds her for being strong enough to seek help. The full details of that night remain a mystery, but he accepts not knowing them, as what he knows now is already more than he deserves and enough for him to stay by her side, even if it feels like he's walking on glass.

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  • Since this event gives Sensei 10 Miku Affection, and the previous took away the same amount, the combined net total of this event chain is 0 affection.

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