The Legacy of Thaum Pt. I

"The Legacy of Thaum Pt. I" is a Main Event. This Event is part of an Event Chain.

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Thirty minutes after Rin’s and Chika’s conversation, an overly excited Molly gathered her friends and companions around a table to start a new D&D campaign. She wonders why Futaba isn’t with them, but Rin informs her that she isn’t feeling well and will help her write in her character on a later date.

After a short discussion about which class everyone uses, Molly starts their campaign by having all characters find themselves coming to their senses in an unknown forest. Confused, they try to figure out what’s going on, until they hear something lurking in the trees. Ayane/ the Rogue Lidearel, Sana/ the Orc Barbarian Zagull and Rin/ the Warlock Nithhala approach the tree to find out what’s hiding there, only to learn that they’re two Violet Fungus, which baffles all of the players, but Molly promises that this will make sense later.

The three of them decide to fight them while Maya/ the Aarakocra Cleric Urrheak and Ami/the Wizard Vylhana aren’t participating. Lidearel and Zagull manage to deal massive damage to the mushrooms, while Nithhala is completely useless due to Rin’s dice seeming to be broken and only rolls low numbers every time.

Meanwhile, Sensei and Tsuneyo are sitting on the sidelines and observe the campaign. Tsuneyo is supposed to play with them, but she hasn’t internalized all of the rules yet and should watch a few rounds to learn them, while Sensei just watches them to pass time. Both of them comment on the few things they can understand, until Tsuneyo gets a beer and passes out after one small sip.

Sensei lets her rest on her shoulder until he realizes that this is another thing he isn’t into and leaves. As he takes a walk outside, he acknowledges that their first day together went pretty smoothly overall and wonders what the next day will bring.

Participating Characters


  • The girls each have fully-fleshed out DnD characters used during the event:
    • Sana: Orc barbarian — Zagull
    • Ayane : ??? Rogue — Lidearel
    • Rin: ??? Warlock — Nithhala
    • Maya: Aarakocra Cleric — Urrheak
    • Ami: ??? Wizard — Vylhana
    • Futaba: MIA

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