The Girl From Nara

"The Girl From Nara" is an Event for Uta Ushibori.

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Sensei walks home, having spent the night waiting in Uta and Io's dorm for them to return. Unsuccessful, he begins to make his plans for tonight, idly wondering if Wakana was right in trying to push him to write again. He admits to himself he wanted to submit a piece to her poetry contest, but everything he wrote didn't feel right. He suspects nothing ever will feel right again when he will never be who he was, though he finds it hard to tell when he can't remember his past self.

These thoughts are buried when he runs into Uta, on her way home from the bathhouse. She asks why he's out so late, which he reveals is due to waiting for her to show up back at her dorm. After she confirmed that he didn’t steal anything and "scolded" him for breaking in, he throws the same question back at her, and she fills him in briefly about the night she had with Io. Deciding to once again take control of her schedule, Sensei invites Uta out for the night. Exhausted from her emotional conversation though, she tells him it'd probably be for the best that he leaves her alone. But right as he goes to say goodnight, she adds that she'd probably regret not taking him up on the offer.

Unsure of both the tone in Uta's voice and where to take her, Sensei's mind wanders down a familiar road. But as he immerses himself in these thoughts, something unpleasant catches his attention – Uta is like a blooming flower, and if he makes one mistake, he will trample and ruin her forever. Wanting to appreciate her once she's brighter and stronger, his mind guides him down another road, and he leads her far into Kumon-mi, following the route from a sign marked "outlook". As the two stare out at the sky, the two realize that neither of them actually likes stargazing that much and end up having their usual banter. They come back to the topic of stargazing, though with nothing much to say about it, Uta asks Sensei about his favorite constellation, where he reveals it's the Summer Triangle, mostly because it's the only one he knows anything about. This reminds Uta of her childhood, and how she'd often go camping while back in Nara. This, along with how small the sky feels in the city, leads her to reminisce on all the things she misses about home. Sensei's unable to corroborate any of her claims about it, though does take objection to the idea that she lived among deer.

She repeats her previous offer to take him there someday, although admits the reasons for it are a bit different now. She doesn't elaborate on this, and a lull in the conversation allows her to switch topics – Or, at least, try to. She struggles to fight past both her embarrassment and her lack of forethought, eventually pushing through and admitting she'd love to have more moments like this with Sensei. He realizes, though, there's more on her mind and waits for her to continue. She continues, remarking that while she still isn't comfortable with nor fully understand Io's proposal, she can't help but feel there was truth to something else Io said – When he's around, it feels like there's another part of herself, one that's solely concerned with how Sensei thinks about her, and that obsesses about her bad parts out of fear that he'll grow to hate her. Sensei assures her that'd never happen, but Uta is unconvinced, spilling more details about her past to keep him from getting his hopes up about who she is.

Sensei feels differently and, to showcase just how deeply he believes that, talks to her about the other places he could've led her tonight. Uta admits she probably would've cracked had he done so, but is very happy they're here instead, which he predicted. She asks once again for his reassurance and, once receiving it, asks him to invite her out more often from now on.

The night passes faster than both of them expect, and the two of them part underneath the rising sun. On his walk back, Sensei thinks to himself about just how much he can't wait to see Uta again.

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  • There is variation in the dialogue, depending on if Sensei triggered the event on a weekend.
    • Due to a mistake in the game's code, when this event was originally released these lines would trigger opposite to what they were meant to, resulting in Uta claiming there's no school tomorrow on weekdays.

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  • Event Default Name = The Girl From Nara
  • Event Script Name(s) = utadorm40p2
  • Event Missed Name = This event is not missable.
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    This Event was added in Update 0.34.